High School Advice : Academic Coaching & Learning Differences


High School Advice : Academic Coaching & Learning Differences   

If you want your child to emerge victorious academically and achieve their academic goals as well as top grades, be sure that they do need your help. So how can you as a parent play part towards being the cheerleader for your child? It’s simple. If you are always there to support, challenge as well and guide your teen when carrying out their school work will make them perform better, learn more easily and gather a lot of content. Just make sure you do not lack time to be an academic coach for your teen.

1. To emerge as the best training partner, understand your child’s competition

As a parent, learn what your teen is competing with at school. Know their overall performance as compared with other students. If your teen was ranked position thirty overall, ensure that you make your teen understand that they can reach position twenty, ten and even at the top spot. Try make the teenager feel that everything can be achievable. Once the teen feels that more focus and dedication towards studying smart will make them push much forward and will end up attaining great grades.

2. Make your teen compete with him/herself

As a parent, understand that the best competitor your teen has is against him/herself. You know that you can beat others and emerge victoriously but each time you have to beat yourself. Make your teen evaluate the goals achieved so far. What grades have been scored greatly, how much better can they be? Make sure that the teen is able to evaluate the challenges faces so far, set up goals towards solving the challenges and evaluate the goals time with time. Once you make your teen understand that he/she can be better each time than before, will surely lead to better grades.

3. Do not advocate success and failure as winning and losing

As a parent, your teen may have worked hard and smart, followed the time table, tried the best to attain the set goals and might end up not attaining the much set results. This will not be referred to as a failure. In other words, it will be used as a strong weapon towards knowing that that working hard and smart must not necessarily make you reach to where you wanted to all at once but perseverance will do. The teen should feel that the part being played by him/her is good and can be better. As a parent, help your teen differentiate between success and failure not achieving your goals after working hard is not failure. Failure is actually not persisting on doing your best each time to attain best grades.

4. Learn to be supportive

As a parent, learn to not always dictate what your teen does. Do not make the teen feel like studying or learning is more of a task but rather make the teen feel like it is a part of his/ her life. Make sure you small steps your teen is taking. Try to be the cheerleader. Make the teen feel that if the parent is supporting and advocating for better, then more can be achieved.

As a parent, always know that you can be a coach and also a cheerleader to your teen. Being there to motivate and guide your teen towards excellence bears fruits.