High School Advice : It’s Called Impression Management, Not Kissing Up


High School Advice : It’s Called Impression Management, Not Kissing Up   

Many people become confused about the role of impression management as it relates to becoming a cheerleading parent and kissing up.  Impression management is a very vital component in a young cheerleader’s life as a lot of their beliefs can be shaped and formed by the influences of others.  Influencing the opinions and observations of others, which is what impression management is, allows teachers, parents and coaches to lead by example, but to also help students understand why they should be behaving the way that they do. When using this model, there is no need to kiss up to anyone, but rather allow students to gravitate to some of the techniques that were used to help shape and form the lives of previous cheerleaders who have gone on to live successful lives today.

Some of the impression management skills used to influence students as a cheerleading parent has to do with a variety of different areas, such as teaching students to have confidence and belief in themselves and their abilities.  Not just their cheerleading abilities, but their overall abilities that will assist them in life as well.

Cheerleading, which is a non-traditional field of study, also focuses on leadership abilities through mentoring programs, one-on-one and group coaching programs, as well as life skills programs.  And because each child is different, we also perform skill assessments to identify each child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can come up with customized, tailor made individual development plans to enhance each child’s overall abilities based on their individualized needs.

The role of the cheerleading parent as it relates to impression management is a huge responsibility. It also involves managing outburst of anger, dealing with jealously, disrespectful attitudes, insubordination,  imperfections, losses, embarrassment, shame and the overall attitude of the cheerleader.

Another key areas that will be addressed is teaching students how to cope with anger, jealousy, or other issues that have been inflicted on them by others and how to respond to these situations as well. Here again, the role of the impression management kicks in so that cheerleaders know how to respond to this issue both publicly or privately by making the proper adjustments. This takes place by first addressing and dealing with the matter, settling it and moving on.

Cheerleaders can take on many roles and can be developed to be seen in a good light by others by being groomed for a wide variety of areas. Such as providing aid to the non-profit sector, where there taught to give and make donations to charitable organizations, their churches and to make the difference in their local communities.

Overall, becoming a cheerleading parent is a way to shape and mold the student by allowing them to make observations about our behavior through impression management. And it is our hope that the children are more effective students, academically sound, obtain good study habits, time management skills, are well-mannered, well-nutritioned and physically fit, and also possess excellent leadership skills, become good at following instructions and has a high output level as a result of our efforts.

We also hope that the skills they learn while in our care can be used in other areas of their lives for the rest of their life.