High School Advice : Effective time-management


High School Advice : Effective time-management  

Been a parent is tough especially when it comes to time management. You get lost in between finishing your job report and your crying baby. It is hard to adjust to parenthood, especially in the first year. At the end of the day, you feel so tired and you just what to sleep but you end up not getting much of it. One of the hardest thing to adjust when it comes to parenthood is time management. How do you add a newborn baby to your long list of activities, worsts of all is that as their grow up the list keeps getting longer. You do not have to worry any longer after reading this article and follow it through life will be much easier.

Expert says that we spend approximately one hour in a day doing nothing. Evaluate how you spend your time every day and plan your time. Every morning when you wake up, make a to-do list for the day. The essence of following your to-do list is to ensure that you get everything done by the end of the day and to increase your momentum. At times following a to-do list might be challenging. Ensure that you start with the hardest task as you move to the simplest task. You will realize that you will spend less time on the harder task than you initially thought.

Preparing in advance is another clever trick you should adopt. You can start by preparing for your early morning the night before. This makes it easier to smoothen up activities in the morning and get going. Make a menu for a period of one to two months depending on what you prefer. A lot of time is spent on contemplating what to cook and rushing to the nearest supermarket to get the necessary ingredients, make a menu eliminate this. Hang a calendar to keep up with all necessary activists including doctors visit, sports day for your child.

Be organized at all time to prevent you wasting time looking for lost items. For moms out there basket is the way to go. You should have the basket for toys, videos and all the necessary thing that may end up laying around. Put a basket outside every family members’ room to prevent items from getting lost. You should also have a cabinet made to keep copies that are vital. Allocate a folder for each child, this will help you access them when needed.

It hard doing all the work in the house alone. Asking for help or hiring a nanny is totally understandable. Most of the time people feel they have to do things on their own so that it can come out perfectly, that is not the case. It will save you a lot of time to do other demanding activities. You can also delegate house chaos to your kids. There can do simple tasks like laundry, making a sandwich, spreading the bed or taking the dog for a walk.

After all the juggling, you need to allocate time for yourself. It important for you to take a break once or twice in a week and relax. It will help you prepare for the next week and think. It will also give you time to reflect on activities that have taken place in the past week and how you can improve in the following week. You also need to spend time with your partner and children. Take time off and connect with your family members.