High School Advice : How to get what you want from your parents & teachers


High School Advice : How to get what you want from your parents & teachers  

Teenagers, listen to this!

Do you know that you can do simple steps and change your NO saying mom or dad to becoming a YES answer all of a sudden? That’s right. Here are simple tips to get the thing done in your favor. I know you would all like that.

1. Understand that ‘NO’ does not always mean no

Once you get a ‘NO’ response from you parent, you should not take it in and necessarily believe that is a no. Take the initiative to know the reason as to why your parent said ‘NO’ to you. By this, you will be able to know, this is the steps that my parents want me to follow, right? You will end up proving to your parent that you can exactly do what they want and get a yes in return. It is a kind of win-win situation for both of you.

2. Choose the right time to ask for request

There are simple reasons that may deny you from getting a ‘YES’ response from your parent. To evade this, ensure the following

a) Your mom or dad is in a good mood- If you go to pressure you parent to fulfil your request while they are in a bad mood, either due to stress from work or an attained goals, will end up making them angrier and an automatic ‘NO’ will definitely follow.

b) Ensure that your parent is not occupied and has some time to listen to your request- If your parents carry work to do at home, make sure you give his adequate time to complete it. When the task is completed and the parent is relaxed on the couch maybe, ask if they have a minute to listen to your request. This will be an easy way to get a ‘YES’.

3. Learn to earn credit, slowly

If you want a small request to be fulfilled, most of the time it will. For greater request, some which require your parent to have full trust in you, learn to take time and win over your parent trust. Do activities that will make your parent see you as a wise and responsible teen. This will slowly build up and your parent will end up seeing a well composed mature teen in you. This will end up winning you favors of course.

4. Make your parent feel and look good

Teens, each and every parent wants to look good in front of their colleagues. When you are with your parents and they are with you colleagues, engage in a friendly conversation with them. Talk to their colleagues once a while in a standard respectful tone. Make sure that they notice how your parents nurturing skills are way above the required. This will definitely make you parent feel good and be sure that you will not get a ‘NO’ once its time for you to request for a favor.

5. Evaluate what you can do to get a favor in return

As a teen, analyze what you can do to your parent that will make you easily get a favor from them. Showing that you can also do something for them. Not necessarily wholly, can earn you a spot to get a ‘YES’ to the favor requested.

Just take time and discover simple things that you can do to prevent you from getting a ‘NO’ response from you parents. These tips will help, though.