High School Advice : Getting Ahead. Staying Ahead.


High School Advice : Getting Ahead. Staying Ahead.   

As a parent, you have passed your teenage years. You have encountered all the mischief and wrong acts that happen or have heard from other parents what their older children have made them go through. Teens of the present generations can prove to be cunning. However, due to previous experience and adequate knowledge, parents should always be a step ahead of their teens so as to monitor their next move. This can be mainly focused on sexual activities as well as drug taking. Below is how parents should be prepared for their teen’s behavior.

1. Prepare yourself

Before your child becomes a teenager, ensure that you familiarize yourself with some of the physical and emotional behavior that is likely to be portrayed. This can be well explained by researching online or asking for guidance from other friends whose teenagers have been through that stage. This will make you be able to know what step to take when a certain situation occurs.

2. Learning from previous experience

As a parent, you must have undergone you teenage life one time or another. You definitely know what goes on, what you got yourself into one time or another or what you abstained yourself on. This will help you be ready for your child when the teenage life arrives. You will be able to know the lies that the teen tells you that you used to, meaningless explanations that the teen tells you and you still used to use on your parents. This will help you be able to guide your teen and advocate that all that they feel like doing will not help count on their future lives. Seeing what you currently do will try and persuade them that that is a true fact and may end changing their lives for the best.

3. Planning a strategy

As a parent, you should always know that what you used to do in you teens is not what is happening currently. Currently, teens are more into the internet and social media. More into drugs and sexual activities. So as your teen to be on the safe side, you should put a clear strategy on how to control the behavior. This can be determined by knowing the following:

a) Who are your teen’s friends?

b) In the case of an event, where is the event?

c) What is to be included in the event?

d) Whose parents are in charge of the event?

e) What time will your teen arrive home?

Being concerned with you teen’s day to day activities will help greatly towards ensuring that your teen id not misguided by peer pressure and that they are able to skip the bad ways that may lead them regretting later in life. Engaging in sexual activities, for instance, may lead to your teen getting unplanned pregnancy that may prove to be a burden to cope with. Not forgetting the various incurable diseases that are transmitted through unplanned sexual activities. Always be concerned and be determined to know what your teen is up to during this period.

Being prepared for this period for your child, will help ensure that there is good disciplined installed and also nothing goes wrong with your child teenager life