High School Advice : Organization is important!


High School Advice : Organization is important!  

Many parents want to see their children succeed in a variety of different areas, including cheerleading. However, to be an effective cheerleader, students need the support of a skilled, well-trained organization. Unbiased training and attention are essential for students to develop the skills that are necessary to succeed at cheerleading and in life.

Although cheerleading appears fun in nature, it requires quite a bit of discipline. Successful cheerleaders are grounded, physically fit, and spirited. They must also maintain good academic standing and possess the social skills required to get along well with and be respectful of others.

Obtaining the assistance of the cheerleading organization is exceptionally important because it will address all of the issues indicated above, as well as other important factors such as time management, being courteous to others, organizational leadership, and other skills to ensure that students have appropriate direction and guidance.

Most students who are of the elementary, middle school and high school age typically don’t have challenges with their diet. However, those who may struggle in this area will be counseled on good nutrition, maintaining a well-balanced diet and overall good health.

Students must be trained in time management in order to attend both rehearsals and performance venues in a timely fashion. They must also develop the organizational skills needed to organize their lives as well as their cheerleading schedule is well managed. Successful cheerleader students must maintain their responsibilities at home as well as at school. Cheerleading organizations will teach them how to manage each of these areas as well.

It is important to be high-spirited while performing as a cheerleader. Occasionally, cheerleading students become prideful, haughty or even cocky towards other students, and a cheerleading organization can address and mitigate these issues as well.

In our social media driven society, cheerleaders also have to be well prepared to deal with rejection, ridicule, sarcasm, embarrassment and other areas that could lead to social or emotional challenges. For example, if while performing, a cheerleader tumbles and falls, or embarrassing images may be captured on someone else’s iPhone and uploaded to Facebook, this could be very traumatic for the student. She (or he) needs to be prepared well in advance to deal with such emotional trauma. A good cheerleading school will teach them to be resilient and emotionally sound when facing issues such as these.

A cheerleading organization can serve as a support base to the students in a wide variety of areas including tutoring lessons, leadership skills, and customized personal development.