High School Advice for Parents: Motivating your Teen


High School Advice for Parents: Motivating your Teen  

Most parents are glued with the idea that all their teenagers can do is to idle around, play video games and participate in social media and online activities. What they tend to forget is that the builders of a nation in their ages started right from their teenage stage. That shouldn’t change, right?

Here are tips that parents should follow towards motivating their teenagers:

1. Help your teen understand the task ahead

Parents should always know that they are the choice decided for their teens either directly or indirectly. You can try put sense on your teen how doing their daily homework is the key towards getting to university rather than pushing the teen to do the homework or otherwise consequences will follow. TRY engage with you teen while doing their homework. This may turn out to be a source of inspiration for your teen.

2. Let your teen have a say

Where parents go wrong is towards dictating what their teen should do. What they do not know is that the teen may have suggestions that may have a great impact towards their success or even talents that may end up making a teen be successful. Always hear out what you teen has to say. Part of it may be inspirational and this may help the teen to always hear what others have to say rather than diminishing them. Telling your teen I told you so makes matters worse as they will always feel diminished. You can hear out their opinion, add more to the opinion and by this, the teen will feel motivated to strive forward.

3. Let your teen learn from their failure

When parents are always there to rescue their teenagers from doing wrong, this will lead to making the teen fear trying something new so as not to mess up. Leaving your teen to make mistakes and learn from them symbolizes a sign that you want nothing but the best from them. They will be able to learn from their mistakes and be a better person in future. Your teen will always feel great and motivated when you let them try something out. It does not always have to turn out badly.

4. Come to rescue and help your teen remember

Your teen may not always want to evade doing something but at times it may be as a result of them forgetting. As a parent, always be there for your teen. Do not mind remembering the teen whenever there is an omission in the tasks being carried out. The teen will feel motivated and be guaranteed that there is someone behind their back. This will also boost them to try and remember most of the things to be achieved.

5. Make your teen goals be achievable

Your teen may feel that the goals set are hard to achieve. When you as a parent approach your teen and try to prove that everything can be attainable, either from previous experiences or from current knowledge, the teen will be motivated to always take all tasks to be easy no matter how easy or hard they are.

A parent is always the motivator for their teen and should always try to be a role model.