High School Advice : “If it sounds like kissing up, you’re just not doin’ it right”


High School Advice : “If it sounds like kissing up, you’re just not doin’ it right”   

As a parent, you out to support your teenager. This is because when you play a great role in motivating your teenager, you are sure that the teen will achieve his/her goals and will be assured of guidance while carrying out day to day activities. However, as a parent, no time should come that you feel like your teen is superior or that you are below him/her. If it comes to this, then know that something is wrong. So how can you know this is happening?

1. If you find that your teen has become a dictator.

Once your child start dictating what should be done for him/her, and you find you as a parent doing it on and on, them something is wrong.

2. If all you think about is pleasing your teenager

Making your child always happy is every parent’s dream. However, you should not see your child doing wrong and not focus on making sure that he/she understands the mistake. Once you learn to always protect your child mistakes and see that everything being done is right, your child will become the worst that there is.

3. If your teen shouts at you to the extent that you keep quiet.

Every child should respect their parents. Once your teen starts shouting at you, know that things are not going on well. Such signs will show you as a parent that your child is actually the parent and all you are is your own child’s child.

Motivating your child and being their cheerleader is a great thing. One that should be highly advocated for. But there should be no time that you as a parent feel desperate to motivate your child to the extent that you feel inferior. This will make matters worse as you will feel disrespected and the same will make your teen end up being a failure.

So how can you as a parent avoid such a situation?

1. Set limits

As much as you want your teen to excel, set the differences between the roles that you and your teen plays. If your parental role is not seen by your child, then you are neither a role model nor a cheerleader. Ensure that your parental role is always maintained and by this, your teen will always feel your impact in his/her life.

2. Set strategies on how you are going to be a cheerleader and a motivator

As a parent, before starting playing this role, make sure that you gave analyzed all that you are going to do. By starting to motivate your teen without any set platform will end up making you be frustrated. This is what leads to you as a parent having to do whatever it takes to gain your child’s favor. This should not be the case as being your teen’s parent, wins you his/her favor. Just make sure that you have set all you want to do right.

3. Do not be afraid of the negatives

You do not always have to cheer up your so as he/she can always excel. Learn that things cannot go in one’s favor all the time. Accepting that sometimes things can go wrong will make the parent ending up being desperate to win their child’s love, attention, and care.