High School Reunion is Soonish



I had a pretty good high school experience.  It wasn’t as fun as college or law school.  But there are things I miss.  And for sure people I miss talking to.  I’ve kept in touch with a few friends.  Not many.  But enough to be interested in seeing them later in life.  As I grow older I look at high school fondly.  I wasn’t popular in high school, but that was okay.  I became immensely popular in college; that was a shock.  However, I prefer not being popular.  I was such a book worm in high school.  I used to read sooo much manga.  And my final project was creating my own manga which of course I drew the illustrations too.  It was far better not being popular… people leave you alone and you get to do what you wanted.

At NYU it was nice being liked.  I was fairly well known among the pre-med crowd since I taught some many of them.  My late night study sessions were epic.  I miss that a lot.  What I don’t miss is having so many “friends” I couldn’t even remember everyone’s names… I’m serious… Also, I have an excellent memory.  From Freshman to Junior year my Facebook friends exploded from 150ish to 3000…. I didn’t request more than 20 friends.  Before bed, I would accept 50 friend requests almost every night.  During the summer time, when I was an orientation leader… it was closer to 100 a night.

And in law school I got to be head of frat.  At NYU frats didn’t really exist… or at least I didn’t know much about them.  At WM frats were a way of life.

Wow, I’ve really digressed.  That’s what I love about blogging.  It’s essentially stress free.  I should blog more… instead of cramming a bunch in one night because I know I don’t have videos… and I need to hit at least 10 pieces of content a week… 🙂  I figure two more blogs after this about random subjects.  I blog for myself… some day when I’m more successfully I’ll have a blast looking back at all the silly unedited things I said… and I’ll know it’s what I actually feel.

Nope. I don’t think I will attend my high school reunion.  I don’t live there anymore.  And my parents don’t have a home there anymore.  And I’ve seen all the people I would want to see.  Social media sort of defeats the point of a high school reunion.  I would rather code anyways.