Hiring a PPC Specialist – Advice from an Agency


Hiring a PPC Specialist – Advice from an Agency  

Happy Monday night Y’all. My agency is in hiring mode for the new year. Hiring is a huge risk agencies have to take. Hiring can be a expensive and time consuming ordeal. And even then, sometimes the new hire doesn’t work out. Finding a qualified reliable PPC specialist is difficult (at least in Houston it is!). Here’s a list of tips to find the perfect PPC candidate. And if you are looking for a PPC job, this article will shed a little light on what hiring managers look for. 

Budget Time and Money

Make sure to budget ample time and money for the hiring process. Hiring expenses can get out of control. Especially if you are using a third party to help. We put everything into an excel spreadsheet. Normally we budget $5, 000 for a senior PPC specialist and $1,000 – $3,500 for a beginner-mid specialist. 

Where to Advertise?  

We advertise on social media, in Facebook groups, on Linkedin (a pricy option), Craigslist, and through indeed. We used recruiters in the past and it has been interesting. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Social media and Facebook groups are free. However many candidates are unqualified and frankly desperate. This is especially true when hiring for upper level experiences. Great place to find interns and candidates interested in PPC.

Linkedin is one of the most expensive options (the other being paying a recruiter). You have the benefit of access to Linkedin profiles. And if you spend $3,000 or more a month, Linkedin provides you with an employer dashboard and a hiring specialist you can call. Linkedin is PPC… you pay per click. 

Craigslist has been great for us. It cost $35 a job post and $35 to renew the post (jumping you to the top again). We renew our post every 1.5 weeks if we are still looking. For each post or renew, we receive 20-40 resumes. A dollar per resumes is pretty good. Of these 25% are on paper great candidates. Bringing them in is easy. They are very responsive to phone calls and in person interviews.

Indeed is as expensive as you want it to be. Indeed posts on linkedin. We had success hiring developers using Indeed. However, many candidates are not real or are no longer looking for employment. It’s difficult to explain… but we received resumes from candidates who were not looking for jobs or contact information was incorrect/fake. 

Recruiters are the most expensive path to hiring, costing upwards of $30,000 for a senior PPC specialist (often it’s based on annual salary). We had a bad experience with a local recruiter. We hired a candidate and after the trial period she left. A second recruiter had given her a big bonus to sign with our competitor. From talking with other CEOs, this is not uncommon.

Have an Interview Process 

Our Process is the following : 

Phone Call with CEO (me). I explain what we do at the company and ask a few basic questions about education and experience. This is a friendly call.

Phone Call with the team. The team explains what they do and their backgrounds. Team members ask questions. Towards the end, I will ask a technical questions related to PPC.

In Person Interview with the team. The team is told the night before to research the job we are hiring for. They prepare a list of questions : some technical, many startup culture related. We complete the final interview.

We make an offer.

Have an Onboarding Process 

After the offer is made we tell the candidate they have up to 5 days to determine whether to accept. They can counter during this period.

All offers use the same contract language. We set a yearly salary, with a 30-90 day trial period where they are freelancers (1099s). This has saved our business many times from disaster. And something I recommend if it is legal in your state. The trial period gives both you and the candidate time to see if its a good fit. It also gives you the opportunity to see gauge the candidates performance.


I would be remiss, if I didn’t bring up outsourcing. I will be honest, we tried it. It failed for us. We loss a huge account (furniture store) from outsourcing. Outsourcing means you are paying another agency and passing the cost to your client. The end result for the client is at best a dilution of what could have been.

Ready to Hire?
Before you hire, add up the cost of salary, taxes, time off, health insurance, and training. Hiring a new team member is an important risk every agency has to take at some point. You can’t do everything yourself. Hiring the right person boosts morale, work output, and most importantly makes the agency profitable… allowing you to hire the next person.

I hope this was helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have questions from either the hiring or applicant perspective. I would be happy to answer them.