Holiday Shopping List – Expanded


Let’s be serious… I need to get my iPad back.  It has the one game I play.  I promised my mother an iPad Pro.  But Best Buy ran out of the 128GB she wanted.  This was an oversight on my part since I didn’t realize that they could run out of iPads… For whatever reason my Best Buy has lots of stock all the time.  I called a few times inquiry when they will have them back in stock… to this… they told me to Kingwood.  Which I’m not going to go to…

Outside of the iPad Pro, I need to buy a new router.  I’m in the downstairs study… after moving from the upstairs study…  The internet in this home is abysmal.  It has to be the router since I’m paying for the highest speed and when I plugged into the ethernet to play LOL, it’s lightning fast.  Which reminds me… I haven’t played LOL for a month.  I’m better off not logging on tonight.  Outside of the a router I need to buy my father a mouse.  For sure he needs one.

Some other stuff I want to buy… Inuyasha cards.  These things are getting rare.  It’s not like the good days when I could purchase cases and cases…. I expected this day to come.  The card game was discontinued in 2006… no kidding.  Eventually supply would dwindle and be limited.  That day apparently is today.  The booster packs have gotten way more expensive.  10 times more expensive to be exact.  I’m pondering whether I should make one more large purchase.

Inuyasha was the anime I grew up with… and if I don’t buy these cards now I’ll probably regret.  The only reason I haven’t brought them is I expected them to go on further discount.  So far they haven’t…  Life problems…

I don’t know if I’ve told you this… but I’m super excited for 2016.  There’s so much I want to accomplish.  And I have so much planned already.  At this moment I’m really into instagram.  Social Media is a video game to me.  You get followers and subscribers and they are points. Each platform is a different game.  Twitter is a very boring game… YouTube is okay.  Right now, Instagram is my favorite.  I’m sure something else will come along.  But for now… I need to get those followers.