Holiday Spending Spree



Holidays are the time to spend money.  At least that’s what marketing tells me.  And I accept that premise.  Let’s see… I started pretty early buying custom christmas cards for $100 from vista print.  Shipping was $10 dollars… that’s how they got me.  And I’ll probably continue into Cyber Monday.  Thank goodness I’m going to be working from the other office Monday.  That should limit my spending… or encourage me to buy everything I see when i get home from the office.

Here’s the list of purchases:

Custom Artwork: $120

Custom Cards: $75

Custom Playmats: $60

Custom Christmas Cards: $90

Custom T-Shirts: $60

Magic Cards: $120

Scale: $50

HD Card: $25

Stuffed Plush: $100

Marvel Figure: $100

Anime Related Merch: $50

I’m forgetting other things….  The list seems a bit short…  Oh yeah I have to buy a bunch of stuff for the lion patrons as well.  Since it is Christmas.  I can’t wait to get everything in the mail.  Excited for the custom items.  Oh and books.  But I won’t add my book purchases here since I buy those every month.  There’s nothing better than holding a book in your hands.  When I was in elementary school I thought that having a large library meant that you were rich.  I still believe that today, not in the monetary sense…

Oh the other dent on my piggy bank is my gf.  But that’s so obvious it’s not worth listing… and probably the list would be too long for a blog.

I’ve been good this year.  Mainly because I quit my previous employment.  I was saving to go on vacation for 2 months. I’m onto a better adventure.  The startup life is a new adventure every day. Like traveling.  I don’t miss traveling much although I’d like to go to Hong Kong to visit my parents.  Plus buy things…. so many things to buy in Hong Kong.  I ask my parents to send me pictures of what I can buy… haha.  It’s pretty lame… And come February I may cash out of some of my magic cards.  The cards should be at a high point them.

Okay I get it.  What happened was that my lion patrons “donate” 500ish dollars for me to go out and buy them stuff.  And since I’m buying things for my subscribers… I’m not in the mood to buy things for myself as much.  Interesting…  I’m spending more money than before… just in a different way.