Startup Life Pain Points & Things


Last week was unique in the amount of time I spent driving.  Drive time was at an all time high.  And I worked from the office 3 days which curtailed my productivity at home.  It’s harder for me to get as much work done at the office, because the 2 hours driving and parking etc… are draining.

Last week was productive.  However… there’s so much work that needs to be done.  I’m hiring a graphic design to make us a pamphlet.  I’m done to one graphic designer… from 3.  I get back an alterist in March which helps.

And laundry.  I remember in law school… laundry taking half a day.  What a time saver having a laundry machine actually is.  I haven’t been able to go out and exercise or go to the gym in a week.  My schedule should calm down in February.  I’m not certain it will be that much better… but it should be a tiny bit.

I have a few friends I want to travel and visit and hopefully I can close on a new home.  I already purchased all the decorations for the new home.  I want to cat nap today and grind out tonight.  There’s so much that needs to be done… I need the midnight hours.  It doesn’t help the internet is so slow.

Anyways…  Off to do more errands.  Hoping to get laundry done and sales finished before lunch.  And then after lunch videos, editing, and some apps.  Then ppc and excel spreadsheets.  And lastly Facebook.  Wow… this day is going to be crazy.  I still need to go to the event to see off some friends.  Not enough hours in the day…  meh. What can you do?  One of the problems with startup life is that you can’t really take a vacation.  Certainly not from sales.  Sales is a beast that devours entire lives.  I’m glad I’ve learned it.  But it’s such a grind.  Which I guess is a good thing.  You always have something to do.