Houston Digital Media – 25 Tips for Media Planning and Buying


Houston Digital Media – 25 Tips for Media Planning and Buying   

Media planning and buying is simply the development of a refined strategy for negotiating and buying ad inventory that will satisfy the campaign goals set. Like with anything that needs negotiation, lack of adequate preparation results in being taken advantage of. Thus, to make informed media buys, a lot has to be considered. Below are actionable tips for digital media planning and buying in Houston.

Identify an agency

Shop around for a trusted company to help you accomplish wise purchases especially if you are just starting out. To get a good firm, consider those used by close competitors or established companies.

Opt for non-commission based agencies

Commission based agencies, often look out for their interests first hence pushing clients into less than perfect, more expensive buys. To be safe, go for a non-commission based agency.

Determine demographics of importance

Typical demographic metrics to consider include age, sex, marital status, and location. Find out the ones that matter most to your campaign to purchase media that will properly service the determined needs.

Develop goals

Have practical targets inspired by the results you wish to achieve. Goals will also streamline negotiation and paint you as someone who knows exactly what he/she wants.

Carefully consider rate cards

Take time to digest and internalize rate cards to understand what different packages are all about. Write down any insights you gain during rate card analysis to help in comparison.

Compare competitor rate cards

The next thing should be carefully comparing different deals offered by various media sellers with your set objectives in mind. If you are new to it, seek help from trusted quarters.

Use a uniform comparison standard

If it is PPC, use it all through; if it is cost-per-impressions, stick to it to give your comparisons relevance.


Once you have identified a few feasible options, approach the sellers and negotiate for every little thing. Act confident and be sure to negotiate when you are feeling sharp and fresh.

Start low

An excellent way to land good media buys in Houston is to negotiate for non-prime spots. After rates have been set, you will be able to upscale to prime positions without much hassle.

Focus on the main performance indicators

List your key performance indicators in a descending order and closely track them throughout the campaign to gauge efficacy and get solid data to inform on strategy tweaking.

Calculate ROI

Given the tracking data, determine the return on investment to know whether the campaign is working or not. This monitoring should, ideally, be continuous throughout the course of the campaign.

Go for integrated media buys

Buy media that incorporates different kinds of platforms provided you reach your target audience.

Stick to one agency

If you happen to find a reliable and competent media planning and buying agency in Houston, stick to it.

Have a budget

Always have a budget that is well thought out and realistic given your goals. This way, you will know your spending limits.

Implement small budgets first

If your goal is to learn and polish media planning and buying skills, start off with tight budgets which have minimal risk, in case things do not go according to plan.

Use helpful software

Use software to get the demographic data of seller websites. Alexa is an excellent example of useful software for the same.

Cheaper alternatives

For more affordable buys, look for Houston sites that sell AdWords placements and have access to the niche you are after. This way, you may spend less and actualize a more efficient campaign.

For exposure, buy from high traffic sites

Sites that clock 200,000 plus are good media sellers if you are after exposure provided the traffic is adequately niche based.

Use ugly ads

Not all the time, though. Results suggest that ugly ads generate more interest by arousing curiosity compared to pristine, professional ads which are more easily ignored.

Go for above the fold buys

Above-the-fold digital media buys perform better compared to other spots. Go for the same if the opportunity presents itself.

Keep up with industry trends

To continually make good media purchases, you will have to stay abreast with Houston’s media planning and buying industry. Luckily, it is only as easy as subscribing to the right blogs and channels.

Learn effective ad units

Use resultant campaign data to determine ad units that work. In general, however, big, rectangular ads incorporated into the content work best.

Never buy in a rush

Desperation is expensive in negotiation and always leads to poor purchases. Have enough time allowance when shopping for media to land the best deal.

Put in the work

Be ready to put in the work. If you are not well acquainted with media planning and buying, be prepared to learn, analyze, compare data, negotiate, etc.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

Many are scared to ask questions for fear of coming off as unknowledgeable regarding the subject. This should not be the case; always ask any pertinent questions you may have.

In conclusion, make a habit of asking for the media kit in addition to the rate card. Often, it contains more detailed data, advantages, costs, package features and sometimes even competitor information that can help you make a more informed decision.