How I got Started in Pay Per Click?


I’m weird… if you read any of my blogs you will know that.  Things that should drive me… mainly money… really don’t.  I’ve paid off all my student loans.  And I don’t have auto loans.  I am debt free and have a significant chunk saved in non-interest funds…. I know… not the best.  I feed on negativity.  The more negative someone is, the more it fuels me to be better.  There’s no better story then the one I’ve told many times… before.  How I got started in PPC.

At my former agency… PPC was valued highly.  I didn’t know what it was.  I only knew that customers really wanted it and were willing to pay 6 figures for us to hire a PPC specialist.  We had many.  S, S, G, S, N, M were just the initials of our first 6.  But none was better than P.  I can thank P for my internal PPC fire.  I’m serious… she worked for 3 companies all paying her 6 figures… but, at least for us, she never logged in to AdWords… you know that account that you need to login to… for changes… and optimization.  It was fascinating…. The agency was so desperate for this role, they would pay this amount of money to someone who spent 15 minutes “exploring” the account.

And hence the legend of P was born.  This pissed me off.  It took me 2 weeks to pass all my Google exams and then another  month or so to become a Google Partner and eventually a Google Ambassador.  And then the Top Content Creator.  I’ve been incredibly lucky in my path.  However, I owe my initial fire… and the fire I still have today… to P.

She forced me to learn PPC, since the other choice would be for our agency to hire yet another person who would not pan out.  And I wanted to learn it.  I was curious.  I studied pre-med and went to law school… but this was something I could love.  The optimization.  And the competition.  I’m absolutely fierce when it comes to competing.  I hate losing… and I specially hating losing to myself.  My standards are extremely high.  Especially for PPC.  And I have P to thank for that.  It’s not enough for me… to be good…. I have to be the best version of myself I can be.  Essentially P and I are linked… Texas is a small market.  Houston is even smaller.  All you have is your reputation.