How I Justify Spending $1,955.00 in a Weekend? Answer: #StartupLife

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My tab for the past weekend was nearly $2, 000 dollars. Not included: rent, health insurance, cable, internet, auto insurance, home insurance, cell phone bills, electric, heating and water, since I haven’t paid them yet.  Luckily AMEX increased my credit limit to $10,000 yesterday.  Thank you my credit card overseers.

Black Friday Weekend Tab

Fix Car $400.00
Organic Food $280.00
3 T-shirts $60.00
1 Iphone Case $20.00
56 Magic Cards $67.00
2 Posters $25.00
1 Headphones $24.00
1 Pencil Art Kit $24.00
1 Running Shoes $50.00
1 Poster $85.00
1 Fatpack Case $120.00
10 Cards $25.00
1 Art Software $70.00
1 Code Software $50.00
Eating Out $350.00
Bar Tabs $55.00
Gas $100.00
Lawn Care $150.00
Total $1,955.00

Don’t judge me.  It was a stressful weekend.  I got my car fixed on Monday but the Acura Dealership didn’t charge me until Friday.  Oil change + rear brake replacement + cabin filter = entire day +$400.00.   Eating organically has tripled my food cost.  $300.00 lasts me about 2.5 weeks which isn’t bad.  But it’s not Walmart priced…. The 3 T-shirts were  awesome and worth the $20.00 each I paid.  IPhone Case is questionable since I didn’t need it.  I wanted it.  The 56 magic the gathering cards (yes it’s the same card) was a spurge.  Fine.   2 posters for $25.00, chalk it as “artwork.”  Adults collect artwork right?  Headphones for $24.00… I hope they don’t break in a month like the last pair.  Color pencils for sketching at $24.00 is a cheap price to pay for therapy.  Running shoes!!! $50.00 for health all morning.  The next three… ick.  Fatpack Case and Cards put it down as spurge.  But posters are art… even if they cost $85.00 and are of cartoons.  Limited Print Run = art?  I think?  $70.00 to own software.  I hate “renting” software month to month.  Code software… which is… monthly.  Yeah….   I spent my ordering out budget for the next 6 weeks (included in the $350 is the fried turkey and 3 sides I ordered for “Friendsgiving”).  Bar tabs are a fix cost.  And lastly the lawn care guy who came 8 times in the last 10 weeks to cut grass in winter…  yeah we talked.

All and all, not too bad considering I live a #startuplife.