How Much do Web Designers Make in Humble Texas?


How Much do Web Designers Make in Humble Texas?

Web designers are highly recognized professionals as they structure websites and aid in optimizing web experiences for users browsing the online platform. The pay rates for web designers in Humble, TX are largely a factor of how well the end product is and the level of experience that a web designer has. Web designers are largely judged on how well they master the art of creating an engaging platform that will resonate with the target audience. Web designers in Humble, Texas can make between $35, 000 and $84,000 which indicates the disparity mainly brought about by several determining factors.

Effect of experience on pay for web designers

The more experienced a web designer, the more the possibility of gaining higher pay and vice versa. Experience matters since many clients usually opt for hiring the web designers that have a proven track record for delivering quality service. The ability to structure layouts and update websites is what clients often concentrate on as it determines how effective a website will be in terms of handling traffic. Web designers in the late phase of their career get to earn significantly more. These clique of professionals can get up to 46% above the average pay due to their involvement, experience and referrals that they have received over time. Experienced web designers are characterized as being able to enjoy pay rates of up to 30% above the average mainly due to their track record and satisfied clients who recommend others. Professional web designers in the mid stages of their career also experience an advantage when it comes to the pay as they generally get a rate of 14% above the average pay scale. Entry level web design specialists are the only professionals in the industry that are generally at a disadvantage as their experience level gets them a pay rate of 8% below the average. With the median salary of a web design specialist in Humble, Texas being $55,964, the level of experience plays a huge role in determining how much the respective professionals get to take home.

Skills that impact overall pay

With web designers, acquisition of useful skills is important as it gives a professional the chance to customize the service and deliver on the targeted project effectively. There are specific skills that influence pay and they are the ones that clients watch out for as they are pointers to the experience that a web designer has.


As a programming language, Java offers varied possibilities when it comes to web designing and it increases the flexibility of a web designer in terms of finding the right solutions for web pages. Web design specialists in Humble, Texas who have Java among their adopted skills have the capacity to boost their earnings by 11% above the average of $55, 964.

Microsoft SQL Server

This is a fundamental area in web design and professional web designers experienced in Microsoft SQL Server have the chance of increasing their earnings by 13% which is a significant raise above the average.


JavaScript is very important in web design as it determines the responsive nature of the created web pages and codes. Experience with JavaScript offers an individual the chance to improve their salary cap by 3% above the median.


Among the basic skills that a web designer should have is experience in JQuery. Clients targeting web design specialists will offer a professional with skills in JQuery a 2% increase on the average pay.

Responsibilities of a web design specialist

Web designers are required to deliver on specific tasks that influence the web pages and the experience that web visitors get when they visit the websites. Among the responsibilities that web designers are supposed to deliver upon include:

Technology and software development

Development of both technology and software for a website is a task that web designers have to capture seamlessly. This is because they have a direct impact on the working of web pages and the response that can be expected when opening the respective sites.

Optimization of web page layouts

Web page layouts are important as they contribute to user experience. A web design specialist must have the capacity to optimize the web pages and their layouts to ensure they are responsive and that they are structured to enhance user experience.

Solving code problems

Codes are what determine the working of a site as they execute commands and run the web page accordingly. Solving code problems should therefore be a task that web designers handle seamlessly to ensure web pages run at the prescribed threshold without issues that limit user experience and interaction.

The Verdict

Web designers are professional optimizers and creative powerhouses that determine how web pages respond to users targeting an engaging browsing experience. With increased online activity and the entry of corporates into the business of optimizing for target audiences, the demand for web designers is bound to rise and so is the average pay of $55,964.