How Much I Charge Clients?


I figured this article would be interesting to write. I’ll address three questions:

How much I charge clients for PPC management.

What Is included in said charge.

And why I charge them this amount.

I charge 20% straight across for PPC management: AdWords, Bing Ads, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc. Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon are similar to AdWords and Bing in terms of the necessary level of attention.

20% is high for Texas/Oklahoma/Portland. Clients have told me in the past market rate is 15%. If you are worth it… you shouldnot settle for less.

Included in the 20% fee is setup, analytics, and monthly reporting.

By charging a fee dependent on monthly spend, you have flexibility. Some months I want to spend more… other months less. Im not compelled to spend X dollars a month if it would be wasteful. It also allows me to overspend when I want to.

Setup is free; I view setup fees as a barrier to entry. My goal is simple, convert for them so they cannot let you go. If a client leaves they leave but why would they leave if the ROI is heavily positive?

Analytics is free. I view Analytics as an essential part to doing a good job therefore I classify it under PPC management which the client is paying me for no need to double charge.

Reporting is likewise something that helps me do a better job at PPC. I prefer monthly, weekly reporting is a bit much.

There is a minimal client PPC budget I accept- $10,000 a month. It may seem high… it actually mid-level based on the sectors I serve:



Political Candidates

Oil and Gas

Auto Dealerships

I’ll explain in the next article why I focus on those 5 sectors and how to get these types of clients.