How SEO and PPC Work Together?

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How SEO and PPC Work Together?

SEO, or search engine optimization, are the methods employed to make a website rank better and gain more visibility in search engines. PPC on the other hand, or pay-per-click, is an internet advertising method that looks to buy visits to your website rather than earning them organically and as such, here, you will pay a fee every time one of your ads is clicked. There is a much more detailed write-up on these two to be found over at Now that we are fully caught up on what the two entail, it is important to note that it has been observed that many businesses approach these two as separate strategies and they look to separate these two into two different compartments with two different teams. Which is understandable as the two are different in many ways. However, they also share similarities and have many objectives in common like looking to increase the viewership of one’s website, lowering costs and increasing conversion rates among others. This means that they can actually work together, complimenting each other for a more successful search strategy. This is something backed up by the subject matter experts over at the excellent, who are big proponents of a holistic approach to digital marketing, and with their help, we are going to take a look at how SEO and PPC can work together.

Like mentioned above, SEO and PPC have a number of objectives in common, one of them being increasing your search engine presence. To achieve this, SEO, as per the gurus over at, is aimed at ensuring you rank as high as possible on the first page of the search engine results pages, SERPs, preferably at number one. On the same token, PPC is also aimed at ensuring that you appear at or near the top of the SERP when one searches for a keyword which you have purchased a PPC ad for. Given that this is one objective the two share, then this is definitely one way they can work together for even better results. Here, you should look to combine the two strategies for a particular keyword so as to ensure that you boss the search results, increasing traffic to your website and gaining more clicks. Another way that these two can work together is that they can be both used to provide you with more data which will help you make better decisions. Data is very important in digital marketing as it paints you a picture of how your strategy is working and allows you to come with strategies to improve it. SEO and PPC both have similar metrics that you can examine like click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates among others as discussed in detail over at the excellent Be examining the metrics for these two side by side, you will have access to literally double the data, which will enable you to make better decisions about both your marketing and alterations to your website.

SEO and PPC can also work together for remarketing purposes. If your SEO efforts for instance are doing well and you are pulling a sensible amount of visitors to your website, but you notice that majority of your visitors need some convincing and are the sort that take a long time to make up their mind, then this is where remarketing through PPC comes in handy. This will allow you to bring back these visitors to your website for another time and ensure that they convert and make a purchase as is explained over at When SEO and PPC work together in this way, it ensures that you can reach former visitors to your website and convince them to come back and make a purchase. Without these two working together as far as remarketing is concerned, as per the gurus over at, you will end up losing these visitors and your numbers won’t be as impressive as a result.

Another way SEO and PPC can work together for you is to help fight negative PR. If you are in business, then you know sooner or later, you are going to get some negative PR as someone is bound to say something negative about you; it happens even to the most successful businesses. By making your SEO and PPC strategies work together, you can be able to combat this negative PR and do better damage control as you can be able to better drive the conversation. An example given by the gurus over at the excellent is how BP paid for PPC ads linked to the keyword ‘oil spill’ after the Gulf oil spill incident, with the ad leading to a page on their site about the cleanup efforts they were employing and how they were doing the utmost to fix things. This PPC ad would appear at the top of the results page whenever one searched for the phrase ‘oil spill’. This combined use of SEO and PPC worked well for them as they were able to combat the negative PR surrounding them, something that wouldn’t have happened if they were not using both of these strategies together; a point backed up by the subject matter experts over at

Form the above discussion, it is clear that two is definitely better than one and that you stand to gain more by combining SEO and PPC and making them work together. If therefore you need help to combine your PPC and SEO efforts, then check out the experts over at and for the best services on the same.