How SEO Works YouTube?

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How SEO Works YouTube?

With 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is literally a vast sea of video. YouTube is in fact the second largest search engine, second only to its parent company Google, with the platform covered in detail over at the excellent When you make a video search, 8 out of 10 of the video search results will be YouTube videos which goes to show just how populated it is in terms of video content. With the amount of video content found there, and the fact that more and more keeps being uploaded to it, it can be difficult to stand out from this vast crowd, especially if you are not a viral sensation, which is the case for most people uploading video content on YouTube. If you are looking to do well and stand out on YouTube, then you should not only produce and post great video content, you should follow it up by optimizing for search using the best video SEO strategies. To be able to do this, you need to know more on how SEO works on YouTube and this is where this article, with the help of the subject matter experts over at the highly regarded, comes in as it will look to highlight what YouTube SEO is, how it works and a number of tips to help your YouTube SEO strategy along.

We all know what SEO is, that is the various strategies aimed at ensuring your website ranks as high as possible when it comes to search engine results pages, SERPs as covered in detail over at If you are to drive traffic to your website, you will need to optimize your website for search, there are no two ways about it. The same applies to YouTube SEO which works to ensure that your channel, playlists, description, Meta data and the videos themselves are optimized so as to rank high in YouTube’s organic search results for a particular search query; although it is worth keeping in mind that you can optimize your videos for search both in and outside of YouTube. We all know that search engines can only crawl texts and not images or audio, and as such the basics of YouTube SEO involve ensuring that you include keywords in the title, tags and description. As per the gurus over at, your YouTube SEO is made up primarily of your video content and your user engagement and as such you should pay attention to both of them.

Given that Google is YouTube’s parent company, traditional SEO principles apply when it comes to SEO on YouTube. This means that you will need to ensure that your content is well optimized, and given, as mentioned above and discussed in detail over at, that bots can’t crawl video, images or audio, you will need to ensure you text when it comes to your video’s title is well optimized. The title of your YouTube videos is probably the most important facet of your YouTube SEO as it affects your click-through rate since it occupies a very prominent position in the YouTube Search Results Page, YSRP. You should therefore ensure that you have your keywords in the title tag of your video, while ensuring that it describes the video appropriately and that it is relevant. You also need to get your video’s description right, ensuring that you describe what it is about, not forgetting to put your keywords here as well. When it comes to the tags of your video, you should also ensure that your keywords are there as well as well as ensuring they are relevant to your video. The subject matter experts over at also recommend that you add hashtags as tags as this will allow users to find your videos easier. Also keep in mind that YouTube tags are plural and non-plural sensitive so for instance if you are talking about a plastic chair, you should put “plastic chair” and “plastic chairs” in your tags section. You should also put in as many tags as you want, as long as you ensure that they are relevant. Another thing worth noting is that although YouTube automatically transcribes your video, they are not great at it and as such you should also ensure that you transcribe your video word for word and upload it to your YouTube video as a text file. This may be the thing that pushes you over the top as far as your YouTube SEO efforts are concerned.

Other than your video text, another tip on how you can get the best out of your YouTube SEO efforts is by increasing the authority of your channel, especially since Google uses your channel’s authority to rank your individual videos. The subject matter experts over at therefore recommend that you should ensure that you promote your channel given the importance of channel authority to the ranking of your videos. The quality of your content is also important since if the quality is low you will not rank well. Content delivery is therefore key and it focusses mainly on how informative, entertaining and useful your video is to people. The gurus over at are adamant that if you are to rank well on YouTube, ensure that your video is excellent in terms of content, while also ensuring that it is of the right length. Videos that are too long or too short will not rank well.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg as far as YouTube SEO is concerned and you can get more information on the same as well as the best services as far as it is concerned over at and