How to be Successful as a Marketer?


I spent Friday reading… what else is new.  I finished the E-Myth which was a great read.  I got it from my COO.  I enjoyed the book immensely.  A large part of it was creating documentation on your work processes.  Sort of like what I did as a comptroller.  I had a lot of interesting jobs….  in many interesting fields.  But marketing is my favorite.  I like it because it rewards those who learn everyday while punishing those who are lazy.  It’s a competition… and if you aren’t training and getting better each day… you are getting worst.  Under my ideal schedule I have 4 extra hours to learn every weekday and 8-12 hours every Sunday.  I take it seriously… it’s another full time job.

Even running blogs like this is training.  How many people can buffer a blog everyday.  Not a simple task.  And post on social media.  The secret is simple… there will be days you don’t want to post… there will be days you don’t want to do anything… but if you hunger… you have to do it.  The same with my lion channel.  I don’t produce better quality then others… I’m more consistent than other channels.  Apply this concept across social media accounts and you obtain numbers far better than others.  Plus it shows that you aren’t lazy.  When someone pays you to do something… that’s a lot different from doing it in your “free” time.

It’s the same principle my first soccer coach taught me.  You can be good if you go to the mandatory practices… but to be better  you have to practice whenever you can.  Parents, coaches, and peers can’t make you better…. There’s only a certain amount of push they can provide.  You have to do the rest.

And that’s why marketing is so awesome.  It rewards those who can push themselves.  There’s always something new to learn… and the diversity is incredible.  You have new platforms like Instagram PPC pop up all the time.  I use my own money and my own accounts to test.  Instagram test 1 didn’t go well.  I’m going to set up test 2 next year sometime.  Every new platform is an opportunity to get better.  Unless you are willing to put your own money behind it… you don’t work as hard.  That’s why my model is so elegant.  I put my only money on experimenting before I put a client’s money.  I’ve done it for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When you spend your own money… you are more careful and therefore learn more.  Your senses are heightened because hey it’s money you could be using to buying other things.  Mistakes you make hurt a bit more… since they are directly attached to your wallet.  It’s how I learn so fast….