How to be Successful with Snapchat Ads

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How to be Successful with Snapchat Ads

Snapchat, as is discussed on, is one of the big players when it comes to social media marketing. This owes a lot to the fact that it has a large number of users and visitors that use the app daily. The fact that, as has been revealed from discussions on, Snapchat ads reduced drastically in prices due to the introduction of Snapchat’s Ads Manager that removed the influence of third-party ad tools that made the process of purchasing Snapchat Ads very expensive and, according to the experts on marketing at, had held back this social media platform as far as marketing was concerned. The fact that businesses can now be able to purchase as well as manage their ads through the Snapchat app or site has made it a lot more accessible, as per This has brought about the need for businesses to be successful due to increased competition and this article will look to highlight ways through which one can be successful when running Snapchat ads.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up Snapchat ads in order to ensure you are successful is ensuring that you select the right objective for your ad. This, as per, dictates the actions of users after interacting with your ads. Whether you want them to install your app, click a link that leads to your website among other actions, you have to ensure that you choose the right objective depending on the type of product or service you are offering. According to, you also have to ensure that the quality of the content of your ad is top notch as this is the only way you will get them to swipe up and take these actions when viewing your ad. Selecting the right schedule for you campaign is also important if you are to be successful with Snapchat ads, according to the marketing gurus at Whether you want your campaign to run indefinitely or within a given duration, choosing the schedule that is a fit for your ad and by extension your business is key here.

The next aspect that you need to keep in mind if you are to be successful with Snapchat ads, if the folks at are to be believed, has to do with targeting. Getting your targeting right, and having your ads reach the right and appropriate audiences is key for successful campaigns. There are a number of ways you can do your targeting, as is discussed on, like through geography where you can choose to target your audience through location and country, or through devices where you can target your audiences through the device they are using and their operating systems be it Android, iOS among others. You can also choose to do targeting based on demographics such as age, gender sex among many others. The key lies in getting the right level of targeting of your ad that ensures that your ad is not being wasted on people that have little interest in your product or service and as such are unlikely to convert. The folks at also advice that as a rule of thumb you should make sure that your audience size does not exceed 20 million people when dealing with one ad.

Another thing worth keeping in mind when looking to get some success with your Snapchat ads is the matter of performance tracking and monitoring. The concept of performance tracking and optimization is one that is important for all types of marketing, and is one that has been covered exhaustively on You can be able to monitor just how your ad is performing by accessing the dashboard on Snapchat manager. This will allow you to get a feel of how your strategies, as far as your ads are concerned, are working, as recommended on Armed with this information, you can be able to know just how you can be able to adjust say your schedule or your budget in such a way that boost your results. The folks at also recommend that in order to ensure that your ads are as successful as possible, ensure that your calls to action appear in the space of two seconds of the running of your ad. They also recommend that you keep things brief with the recommended ad duration being around five seconds. This is because most people on Snapchat like being brief and to the point and long ads are bound to affect your swipe ups and swipe up rates meaning that your Snap chat ads are unlikely to be successful.

The above are just some of the key tips to keep in mind when running Snapchat ads and campaigns to ensure that you are successful. There is more on the same and then some to be found on as well as and