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people are different in their own unique ways, one way to affirm this is how people gain and how they lose weight. For some losing weight is more of an issue than gaining it while it can be opposite for others. In such a scenario then a bariatrician is needed, has been able to generate a list of some of the best bariatricians.

Beaumont Hospital-Grose Pointe

This hospital has been able to acquire many awards in all the years they have been able to offer their services. This hospital has been able to offer professional services and they maintain the core values which are reliability, respect and honesty.

University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

For some time, it has been able to record the highest number of patient recommendations. The experts here are experienced with many years of practical work thus making them the best option. To get more information visit

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

It is rated among the huge names in the health sector, not only is this facility in the USA area but also in the whole world. It has experts having experience of more than 16 years and counting. 

Dr. Brian Gluck

He is board certified general surgeon who is specialized in bariatric surgery.  Having over 20 years of experience, he has awards to his name due to his great performance. According to experts, he is very caring, responsive and approachable.

Dr. Randal Baker

His telehealth services are top notch being fast and very responsive. He is board certified to offer his expertise to all the clients form the whole region of Michigan. He is surrounded by friendly employees who echo a great atmosphere to their clients.

Dr. Michael H Wood

He is considered by all his client as the new weight loss solution. This is so as he has special techniques that are very helpful and in a short amount of time. The best thing about him as pointed out by experts is that he offers discount packages to both new and regular customers.

Dr. Nabeel Robert Obeid

He has over 10 years of experience of practicing both bariatric surgery and general surgery. He gives a listening ear to all his clients making him a darling to all his patients. He is also very patient, kind and very respectful.

Dr. Daniel Bacar

He is very friendly with a lot of experience in bariatric surgery, breast surgery and endocrine surgery. According to has been able to point out that he provides customizable appointments which is very good.

Dr. Amir A Ghafferi

He is considered as the best doctor any patients can need. He is board certifies and he offers expert services in laparoscopic surgeries, gastroesophageal reflux just to name but a few. His experience has allowed him to get a number of awards and a lot of nominations to his name.

Jamokay P Taylor

He is loved by his clients, this is so as he gives all his clients the time they need and also he is approachable and very responsive. The best thing is that he uses bio-individuality so as to offer the best diagnosis and consultation programs.

Dr.  David L Chengelis

Having over 21 years of experience he has been able to get name as the best in the whole region of Michigan. All his clients praise him for being professional and very thorough in what he does as pointed out by panelists

Vincent DiNick

He is a board certified plastic surgeon having over 17 years of experience making him someone to consider. According to experts, he has additional training and holds advanced qualifications in hand surgery, micro-surgery and facial reconstruction.

Blake Movitz

He is known to have a deep appreciation for both physical and emotional sides of the human being. This has led him to offer his services in an in-depth manner considering all aspects. He has received advanced training in bariatric and minimal invasive surgery.

Barix clinics

The programs here are built and cemented on the great board certified experts who are dedicated to caring for all their clients. Here they only focus on weight loss surgery and they must pass a rigorous training program to ensure that they meet the requirements. As pointed out by experts.

Beaumont Hospital-Troy 

They have been awarded in various areas of expertise for example bariatrics, heart care, patient safety among other areas. To get more information on this particular institution and its experts contact

Wood County Hospital

They offer free seminars to anyone interested in learning more on weight loss and everything that comes with it. A client can also request for an information packet containing information like upcoming seminars schedule along with other information like success stories from other patients.

University of Toledo Medical Center

They have a multi-disciplinary program that can help a client on the path to a new beginning. This program is very effective and according to the client who have used this program they say results are seen quite fast.

Detroit weight loss

The head doctor here is Dr. Sousa. He first of all listens to your weight loss goals and expectations. This allows him to get a rough idea of what his client want and forms a good weight loss program that is quite flexible.

Grand Health Partners

They care deeply about helping people transform their lives. This has driven them to improve and innovate their techniques so as to provide the best services at a pocket friendly price.

Covenant Health Care

Their main area of concentration is bariatric and metabolic. They make a pledge to their clients that they will be with their patients all the way during their journey of weight loss. According to expert panelists, they perform robot bariatric surgeries. This is good as the surgeries are done with a lot of precision.