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HOW TO FIND A BARIATRICIAN NEAR ME? TOP 20 BARIATRICIANS IN DENVER COLORADO Many might find this term quite new to them, it only refers to a doctor with the expertise of dealing with obesity and problems related to obesity. experts have been able to generate a well detailed list of some of the best bariatricians in the vast area of Denver Colorado. Dr. James D. Hendrick He is a highly rated doctor in terms of obesity, the complications related to it and internal medicine. He has been named among the best kind of doctors for a number of times now. He is also very experienced as expressed by Dr. Matthew A. Haemer He has specialized in pediatrics and bariatric medicine for some time now. He is a kind of a special doctor if you look at his practice from a different perspective. This is so because he mainly deals with cases of obesity in children. He also accepts new patients no matter where the patient is coming from. Dr. Carolynn S. Francavilla-Brown She mainly practices at the Green Mountain Partners for Health PLLC. Specializing in general practice and bariatric medicine, she has bene ranked among the top doctors in both Denver and the whole world in general. A survey done by all her patients are very happy with how she treats them. Dr. Mark Khader He is a licensed doctor to treat people in Denver, also not forgetting that he is board certified. He is very experienced in what he does, to top it all of he is very respectful and always offers a listening ear to whatever his patients have to say. Dr. George A. Kohake He practices occupational medicine and bariatric medicine in the National American University. He is very considerate of his patient’s opinions and this has made him to stand out from the rest in the list. To get more information on Dr. George visit Dr. Rochelle L. Cason-Wilkerson Her top area of expertise is obesity in children. She mainly offers her services at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She is also very experienced in bariatric medicine. Dr. Ashley Doyle-Lucas According to an article written by, Dr. Ashley offers the best kind of services I the whole of the Denver Colorado region. She is a dietetics specialist and also a bariatric medicine doctor. Dr. Angela T. Tran She mainly practices along 128 Neon Way Castle Rock, CO 80108. She is very kind and also very considerate. She is well known for her ability to reschedule her appointments to make you as the patient to feel comfortable. Dr. Ronald Rosedale He is board certified with a lot of experience in bariatric medicine. He offers customizable appointments which are able to fit your schedule. To top it all of he also offers telehealth services, which have a very high responses rate as compared to other similar services. Dr. Thomas S. Brassfield He is very experienced in what he does, as he has been practicing for over 45 years now and due to this he also has a plus to his resume. He is not only a bariatric medicine specialist but also a general practice doctor as pointed out by experts. Dr. Darcy A. Thompson She is a licensed and board accredited bariatrician with a lot of experience in dealing with issues of obesity occurring in children. She has a consultation program that is very flexible and it allows the patients to visit the doctor despite having a tight schedule. Dr. Jaime M. Moore According to experts, she is very experienced in internal medicine, bariatric medicine and pediatrics. She is board certified and she has a great deal of satisfied customers, thus raising reputation levels. Dr. Antony J. Millard Mainly practicing at University Physicians, Incorporated. This facility is situated along 12605 E 16th avenue Aurora, CO 80045. For over 6 ears now he has been able to help many of his patients overcome some of the complications caused due to obesity. Also helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Daniela Grayed, MD She is a darling to all her patients as she has the best scheduling platform, not forgetting the telehealth service that is very responsive and very efficient in terms of offering health services. experts point out that she is very experienced in what she does. Dr. Rebecca Andrick, DO Being a bariatrician for many years, she has been able to use unique ways of making sure that the patients get the most out of their treatment plans, by using bio-individuality so as to make sure the treatment plans fit the patient’s lifestyle, needs and preferences. Dr. John Gray, MD A survey done by uncovered that, dr. John is among the most sort after doctors. This is so because he has been able to gain the trust of his patients and this goes a long way in making him a darling to his patients. He also explains health situations really well; this makes the patient understand what the issue is all about. Dr. Ethan Lazarus He mainly deals with obesity medicine for many years now. He is very experienced in what he does and to top it all of he has very friendly staff, who are very knowledgeable of what they are doing. This has boosted the confidence his patients have in him. Bariatric surgery hospital This facility has some of the best doctors in the vast area of Denver and Colorado in general. They also offer telehealth services which are very fast in terms of response rate. The doctors here are dedicated to what they do and they make sure that the patients the best services. Nu male medical center As uncovered, this clinic is mainly male biased. They offer weight loss plans that are very good and efficient. This is so because, they can be accustomed to fit your liking and schedule too as pointed out by experts. American Bariatrics Support Group They have a free support group which goes a long way in keeping the patients on track and thus increase chances of efficiency in the plans laid down. They also have a telehealth service which is very efficient.