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According to experts, many people in the world do not get that obesity and weight related complications is actually a medical issue. This issue needs to be looked at before things get out of hand so to speak. This is where bariatricians come into play. They provide the necessary expertise to reduce and even treat any complication that may arise.

Dr. MN. Martin

He mainly specializes in deficiency and all the issues that may arise due to this. He is board certified and licensed to treat people in the whole region of Kentucky. He is the best option if you are looking for a professional bariatrician as pointed out by panelist.

Dr. Julie E Higgins

She is among the best female bariatricians not only in the region of Kentucky but the whole of USA. She offers great discounts packages for all her clients be it new or regular clients. To top it all off she has the best customer services too. 

Barnes Jewish West County Hospital

Here there is a free information session that allows all their clients to get to know more about the treatment options, the issues related to being overweight or underweight just to name but a few.

Dr. David A Croland

He is the leader of a team of weight loss experts. He mainly specialized in Osteopathic physician, whereby he has been practicing for over 15 years now. He is also board certified and licensed to treat people in the vast region of Kentucky.

Julie Linder

She is known to be very patient with all her patients, she makes sure that she gets all the information so as not to make any mistakes when giving out a diagnosis or even scheduling another appointment as pointed out by

Nikol Timmons

She is a graduate from the university of Philippi, she has also had a minor in psychology. She has been able to practice this specialty from the year 1993. Over the years she has been able to build an unbreakable bind between her practice, herself and most of all her patients.

Dianna Fafinski 

She is good listener and makes sure that she gets all the information so as to make an accurate diagnosis. She has more than 7 years of practical work and to top it all off she is reliable and honest too as uncovered by experts at  

Anesthesia Associates, PSC 

This facility has been in practice for over 50 years now. They mainly concentrate on general surgery, weight loss programs, while also having physicians and surgeons on call in case of any complications that may arise.

Goodwin Michael

An article written by expert uncovered that he is very good at what he does, this is so as he is very patient and listens to what they have to say. He is very reliable and he has great staff that are able to customize any consultation programs to fit a patients schedule however tight it is.  

Dr. William Berry Cooker

He is considered as the best doctor mainly because of his experience in the field and also his values. He takes the problem of his patients and makes them seem like his own. This has made him be able to give out the best kind of diagnosis which are detailed a well explained.  

William Scott metter

According to panelists he is darling to many as he uses bio-individuality to make sure that the diagnosis given matches the lifestyle needs and preferences of the patient. He also offers flexible consultation programs for both new and regular clients.

Aptiva Health

Apart from bariatric care they also offer services in sports care. They have the best response rates as pointed out by expert panelists. He is also very patient with all his clients. 

Baptist Health

They offer a weight loss seminar, this is done to educate the clients about weight loss and bariatrician services. The clients are taught by one of the best experts who have a lot of experience in the particular field.

Dr. Sandra J Beck, MD

She has great services and also apart from being a professional she is known to be honest, reliable and most of all he is very respectful. Her customers are delighted with all the services offered her. To get more information contact

Marcus E Randall MD

He is approachable and very responsive to any questions relayed to him. The questions generally come to him from either physical appointments or through is telehealth service which is loved by many of the users. 

Dr. Joseph Mitchell Kinner

Scheduling appointments with him is very easy, this is mainly aided by the great staff members that surround him. The staff are very friendly and accommodative and most of all they are quite knowledgeable of whatever is to be done.

Rachel Ware Miller

She is considered among the best doctor in the whole region of Kentucky. She is quite humble, patient, trustworthy and most of all she is honest. He offers customizable appointments to fit his client’s schedules as uncovered by experts at 

Dr. Rosemary Cameron Sousa

She has the best customer services, with a great deal of friendly employees who are very accommodative. Scheduling of appointments is very easy and the best thing about it is that, you can either have it booked online or a physical face to face.

Susan M Arnold

She is known and loved for her discount packages, she offers all her clients the best services and adding the discount package, the client gets the best services at a pocket friendly price. She has a telehealth services that is very fast and responsive.

Timothy W Mullet

Located along 800 Rose St Fl Whitney, he is considered by the panelists at to be qualified enough to offer his services to his clients. He also has awards to his name to affirm his great services. He is board certified with many years of practical work.