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Looking for a cardiologist may be an issue especially if you are looking for someone whom you can trust and be comfortable around. This is why expert panelists have been able to make it their agenda to look generate a detailed list of some of the best doctors in the vast region of New Mexico.

Michelle Khoo, MD

She is board certified with great experience in lipid disorders, stress testing, congestive heart failure just to name but a few. Her experienced and dedicated team offers a combined and collective experience and knowledge that is necessary to ensure that the patients get the highest level of care. 

Robert E Federiki

As many of the doctors in this list, he also has many interests that include the treatment of complex coronary artery disease including hypertrophic obstructive. panelists advice that he is a good doctor who is also fluent in speaking both English and Spanish.  

Brendan J Cavanaugh

He completed his medical degree at the at the Rush university in Chicago. He has over 20 years of practical work, to top it all of he has been a member of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography as pointed out by experts.

Dr. Mark Bieniarz, MD

Having vast knowledge in cardiology, he has been able to make it his priority to make sure that all his patients get the best services that are also value for their money. He is known for having payment packages that are discounted for both new and regular customers.  

Dr. James Blakenship, MD panelists uncovered that having acquired a degree and also the fact he is also board certified makes him the best option. He considers hi patients’ needs and makes sure that he gets the information needed before making any form of decision. He also has a telehealth services that is very fast and responsive too.

Dr. Harold Sunderman, MD

He has a passion for treating his patients with any form of heart related issue to feel better and thus lead a normal life. This is evident as during his many years of practice all his patients have only nice words for him. He has over 21 years of experience in the practical work.

NextCare Urgent Care

They have the fastest telehealth services which have a good track record of providing the best services in a short period of time. They also offer customizable appointments that prevents a patient from canceling out on any plans in their schedule.

New Mexico Heart Institute

The staff here are outstanding, they are very attentive and kind. They have been offering their services for over 10 years. This places them at a great advantage as compared to many of the other similar health facilities as pointed out by expert panelists.

Heart Hospital of New Mexico

The front desk staff are very attentive, kind and professional too. This also applies to all the rest of the doctors in the hospital. They have a special way of making all their patients feel loved and cared for no matter their issue.

UNM Cardiac Heart Failure Clinic

They are known for having the best discount packages for both new and regular patients. The cardiologists here make sure that they are able to get all the information that is necessary in order for them to give out a well-informed diagnosis.       

Klein Melissa A

She is very thorough in whatever she does, be it giving out prescriptions or even booking appointments and this is what has made her rank among the top doctors. According to she has been able to get some awards to her name.

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

The experts here comprise of gynecologists, cardiologists and obstetricians. A survey done by has pointed out that they arguably have the best services in the whole of  New Mexico maybe even the whole of USA.    

Dr. Sauerman Mark, MD 

All his patients have the same idea of him which is, she is efficient, pleasant thorough and also approachable. He is also very experienced as he has been in the industry for over 25 years making him the best option for any patient. The other expert present here includes dermatologists.

Cardiac Care Consultants of New Mexico

The cardiologists here are very experienced in what they do. According to they have the best quality services. This is attributed by the great technology used so as to give the precision required with minimal errors. Also not forgetting that their services are pocket friendly.

Ramo Barry William MD

He offers customizable appointments that ae able to fit any schedule of any patient. This is made even better as the appointments can be booked through a telehealth services. To get more information on this and more contact

Pediatric Cardiology Associates of New Mexico

They have a health system that is able to support their patients which helps to bring the best in all their patients mainly kids. A combination of state of the art technology, knowledgeable employees and experienced doctors you get the best kind of services money will ever buy.   

Presbyterian Hospital 

The experts here specialize in dealing with disorders of the heart including diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, coronary disease just to name but a few. The have been named among the best facilities in the whole of New Mexico and the world in general. 

Brown Christopher, MD

People love him due to his availability and this is mainly assisted by the approachability and responses that he has. He makes sure that his patients have understood what is happening and what measures are going to be taken.

Heck Margaret, MD

As it is pointed out by experts she is among the best female cardiologists in the whole of the New Mexico area. Due to this she has been able to get awards due to her hard work and dedication. She is quite experienced in cardiology having over 10 years of experience.

Karaian Charles H MD

He is kind, trustworthy and most of all respectful. He offers discounts to all his patients while also making customizable appointments for the patients. The best thing about him is that he considers the patient’s perspective before making any form of decision.