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Cardiology is mainly comprised of the heart and many of the complications related to it as an organ in the human body. Cardiologists may vary according to their specialties. experts for some time now have been at the fore front of making sure that they produce the best well detailed list of some of the best cardiologists in El Paso Texas.

Hospitals of providence

They have a goal to make sure that their patient’s hearts are in tip top shape despite them having good health. This is achieved by having their patients come for frequent checkups. They offer services ranging from angioplasty, atrial fibrillation and cardiac bypass surgery.

WE medical labs

This is a walk in clinic with offers accurate, fast and dependable testing. The testing is mainly in office testing which is quite efficient. They also offer patients collection centers where you can be able to get the results. For new patients more information is documented at

Memorial medical center

They run by a mission that goes “making communities healthier” by doing this they have been able to save many lives. They are well known for their personalized care by use of a wide range of programs that are able to offer their patients the best quality of services.

Dr. Evalt Ayerdi, MD

He is very respectful and kind, he also is a very good listener and takes everything into consideration before making any kind of decision. He has been able to specialize in cardiovascular diseases as pointed out by

Dr. SalimB Mathew

He is a cardiovascular disease, internal medicine and interventional cardiology specialist. He has over 10 years’ experience in this particular field and to top it all of he is also board certified.

Austin regional clinic

It is one of the largest multispecialty medical groups that are situated in the great area of central Texas. Since 1980, they have been able to produce top quality services. Due to this they have been ranked as one of the best places to get the best treatment and also as a good place to work.

Dr. Edward Assi, DO

For many years, he has been a darling to his patients. This is so because, he uses unique ways to administer remedies to many of the issues that occur due to heart complications. To get more information on him contact

Dr. Luis Garza-Arreola, MD

He is a good doctor as uncovered by expert panelists. He has the best customer services in the whole area of el Paso Texas. He also offers customizable solutions for a patient’s busy schedules by customizing appointments to fit the patients schedule.

Dr. Aung Min, MD

In terms of professionalism he is considered to be very reliable, honest and also not forgetting that he is also very respectful. He also makes sure that he considers your perspective as a patient before making any form of diagnosis.

Dr. David Turbay

He is very approachable; this is mainly if the patients have an individual issue that he or she wants to share with him. To top it all off, he is very responsive. Due to this, his ranking has risen tremendously.

Dr. Juan Taveras, MD

Situated along 4301 N Mesa St Ste 101 El Paso, TX 79902, he is very experienced as he has many years of practical work. According to, he has a telehealth service that has a very fast response rate of under 1 hour. This is very fast as compared to others.

Dr. Emilio Gonzalez-Ayala, MD

He mainly deals with cardiovascular and pulmonary issues. He is an on staff member at the Las Palmas Del Sol Health facility. The best thing about him is that he is able to offer telehealth services with the best response rate.

Dr. Michael Gutierrez, MD

He mainly practices cardiology while also offering fast scheduling of appointments. Due to this, he is able to make sure that he takes the patients perspective before making any kind of diagnosis.

Dr. Ediberto Soto-Cora, MD

He is very friendly and this extends to his staff members too. According to experts, the staff members her are very helpful too and also they are very knowledgeable of what they are doing.

Dr. Francisco Cota

He is well known for his fast scheduling capabilities and also the fast telehealth responses. With a great team backing him up he practices interventional cardiology perfectly. This has allowed him to produce some of the best results in all his years of practice.

Dr. Oscar Munoz

Practicing cardiology, he has been able to help many of his patients by giving out flexible consultation programs that are very flexible and they use bio individuality to make sure that they fit the patient’s lifestyle, needs and preferences. For more information on how to contact him contact

Dr. Daniel Ortiz

As pointed out by panelists, he offer easy scheduling while also giving out services through telehealth. In his unique ways he uses to make sure that you are in tip top shape, he uses customizable appointments to make sure that his patients are comfortable.

Dr. Arshad Ali, MD

Being very experienced in cardiology, he offers the best kind of services in not only El Paso but the world in general. For the patients that have visited him have said that he is very understanding and very respectful too. The employees here are very helpful and respectful too.

Dr. Rafael Medrano

He is very good at making sure that his patients are able to understand what is making them feel uncomfortable and this is backed up by his knowledgeable staff that makes sure that the patients feel comfortable.

Dr. Mohammad Raja, MD

According to experts, he offers some of the most unbelievable discounted prices for new patients. He is board certified with lot of experienced in interventional cardiology.