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Just like cars need maintenance and repair when broken so does our hearts too. In this case the repair experts related to the heart are the cardiologists. They are able to diagnose issues related to the hearts and deal with them accordingly. At, they have been able to generate a list of the best cardiologists in Las Vegas.

Dr. Navid Kazemi

He offers the best kind of services to both regular and new patients. Also not to mention that he offers great discounted prices that are pocket friendly to his patients. The icing on the cake is the telehealth service offered, which is very fast in response while also being very reliable.

Dr. Newton Koide

Having practiced for over 15 years he is rated as among the best kind of cardiologists there is. According to experts, he has been able to receive a handful of awards, all because of his dedication and passion to help others.

Dr. James Mock

He is known for his kind and respectful staff members. According to a latest survey done by, he is believed to have the best technology in the whole of Las Vegas. This is mainly attributed by how much success he has had over the years with some of the most chronic heart illnesses.

Dr. Anjum Ismail

He has a great way of explaining issues to his patients so as to make them understand clearly what is going on their bodies and how to go about. He is also approachable and honest.

Dr. Janmejay Patel

Famous for having the ability to customize his schedule to meet yours. This in turn allows you to feel at ease, as you will not have to cancel out on any plans on your schedule so as to seek medical help.

Dr. Nicholas Kalayeh

Having over 15 years of working experience, he is very conversant with majority of the issues surrounding the heart. This has made him to top the world ranking of the best heart doctors as pointed out by

Dr. John Bedotto

He is renowned for his ability to utilize the art of bio-individuality so as to make sure that all the issues related to the heart are dealt with appropriately, this also helps him to keep in mind the tactics to be used to tackle the issue at hand.

Dr. Stephen Portz

An article written by has placed his practice at the top. The main reason is his customer service; it starts form the front desk as you walk in the facility. They are very kind and warm towards all the patients and non-patients.

Dr. Erik Sirulnick

He mainly deals with electrophysiology and clinical cardiac. He has unique ways of making sure that all his patients get the best out of them. He also offers telehealth services for all his patients.

Dr. Kenneth Shah

Over the years, he has been able to help out his patients with issues related to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. This has made him a darling to all his patients as he has given them a second chance at life.

D. Sanjay Vohra

Scheduling appointments with him is very easy. This is one of the things that has made him stand out from the others for over 14 years now. For more information contact experts.

Dr. Nikolaos Tsiouris

He has been practicing clinical cardiac electrophysiology for over 10 years now and he has a lot of experience in this particular area. According to experts at, he also offers telehealth services which are easy to schedule and very fast.

Dr. Sunil Kaila

In terms of qualification, Dr. Sunil is a board licensed cardiologists with a lot of accreditation from top health facilities in the country and worldwide in general. Many of the patients who visited here are very happy due to the kindness and patients offered by the staff members.

Dr. Stephen Savran

He offers a flexible consultation program for both regular and new patients. According to, there are many patients who like his services due to his discounted prices and his customizable appointments that are able to fit the patients schedule quite easily.

Dr. John Bowers

He is an award winning cardiologist with a great reputation not only in Las Vegas but in the whole world too. His telehealth service is also one to watch out. It is quite fast at responding and very stable.

Dr. Gaston Vergava

Situated along 700 shadow Ln Street 240 Las Vegas, NV 89106, he is experienced in cardiology. He has been practicing this art for over 6 years now and this has allowed him to acquire a lot of new and innovative ways to deal with some of the heart related issues.

Dr. Paul Heeren

He is the best in terms of service delivery and telehealth services too. He has innovated new ways of diagnosing and healing patients. He is very honest and reliable thus earning him a spot among the top doctors in the world, as pointed out by

Dr. Herbert Cordero-Yordan

The employees here are very friendly and kind too not to mention their patience too. He has a great reputation for always leaving his customers delighted. He is also approachable and always gives a listening ear to his patients.

Dr. Jeffry Levisman

The best thing about dr. Jeffry is that he accepts over 30 insurance covers. This eases the burden of having to look for a cardiologist who is insurance certified. He also offers customizable scheduling of appointments by use bio-individuality so as to make sure that all his patients are as comfortable as possible as uncovered by

Dr. Kathleen Benson

She is rated among the top female cardiologists in the whole world. She is kind, patient, respectful and most of all honest. She makes sure that all her patents understand what is wrong first and how to go about it.