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If look into cardiology is a great profession that deals with making the heart pump for long. Cardiologist also offer great eating advice that will allow their patients to live long and health lives free from diseases. Below is a list compiled by experts that entails the best cardiologists in Louisville Kentucky.

Cardiovascular Associates of Southern Indiana

It is mainly a group of experts that mainly help their patients by giving out the best services money can buy. Over the years they have been able to save a lot of lives, this has made them a destination for many people.

Henry B Sadlo

He is known for taking everything his patients say into perspective before making any kind of decision. He is very kind, respectful and most of all trustworthy. He deals with internal medicine and cardiology.

Kentucky One Health Cardiology Associates

According to a survey done by experts uncovered that, the staff at the front desk are very friendly and very knowledgeable too. They are ready to help whenever and wherever their services will be required. 

Nortons Heart Specialists

This facility has a lot of experience in dealing with diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm issues. They use the best and latest technology to make sure that they are precise with what they do and thus reducing the chances of error by a very large margin as uncovered by panelists.

Baptists Health Medical Group Kentucky Heart Specialist

Located at 4003Kresge Way, Louisville, KY 40207. They mainly specialize in cardiology and they are considered to be the best at what they do. They over 20 years of experience and the have been able to get some awards due to their great services.

Jewish Hospital

They are good at taking care of their patients both mentally and physically. The make sure that the patient is calm and feeling comfortable before taking any other step. The staff is considered by to be kind and very efficient at what they do.   

Bruce Fisher

He is among the most experienced doctors you can ever find in the vest region of Kentucky. He has over 20 years of practical work, during this many years of service he has been able to get awards due to his respectful nature and professionalism that he portrays. 

Mark D Bicker

They are the best cardiologists ever seen in the region of Kentucky and the whole of USA in general. They offer a great telehealth service, this service is fast and reliable. It is a great way of reducing traffic in the facility and also reduce the daily commute of patients.

Srini Manchi

He makes sure that he explains to his patients what they are going through and how they are going to tackle the situation. He offers telehealth services which is very efficient and fast. To get more information visit

Rita Coram

She is very thorough in giving out information especially when it is about a patient’s health. She makes sure that she touches on all the issues that are present and those that may arise. To top it all off she is down to earth and very respectful.

Ortiz Juan 

He is a specialized cardiologist with a lot of experience. He is a board certified cardiologist with a great reputation too. He has been able to get his name on some awards, which have made him climb the world rankings as pointed out by

Syed T Raza

He is known to be very efficient, this also reflects in his staff members who are really kind and make all their clients feel relaxed and at home. The staff members are also experienced and they are known how to deal with any issue that may arise.

Pediatric Heart Care Partners

They mainly deal with heart issues that occur in children. Over the years they have been able to make children smile again and thus allowing them to live longer and happier lives, to get more information you can contact

Thomas M Sweat

Being a modern age cardiologist he is known to have a great deal of devices that help him make an accurate diagnosis. Technology is also seen when he makes sure that his clients get his services even when they are at home, this is through the telehealth services he offers and it is also easy to schedule.

River Cities Cardiology

They have the best customizable options anyone can ever desire. They make it their priority to make sure that all their patients are happy and comfortable while making appointments to see the specialist as pointed out by experts. 

Mark D Bickers

He is a cardiologist with a great deal of practical work, he is very friendly which is also reflected by his employees. He considers his patient’s perspective of the matter before making any form of diagnosis.

Hal Skinner, MD

He is a board certified cardiologist with additional qualifications in interventional cardiology. He has been able to publish numerous publications and research thorough out his experience. This has led him to be named among the best cardiologists in the world.

Mubashir A. Qazi, MD 

He mainly specializes in cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology for over 20 years now. According to a survey done by experts, he offers discount packages for both new and regular patients which is very good.   

Nezar Falluji, MD

His customer services are considered the best in the whole region of Kentucky. This is evident by the number of awards he has been able to get over the years he has been offering his services.

Amir Piracha

He has interest in various fields in the vast cardiology field namely cardiovascular medicine, nuclear cardiology, pulmonary embolism just to name but a few. Furthermore, he specializes and practices cardiovascular medicine and he offers his services around Kentucky and its environs.