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For anyone to reach the highest peak in life one needs to have a highly functioning nervous system so as to allow the body to adapt to the many changes and the huddles that come with it. According to expert panelists chiropractic care is the solution for all your questions. Below is a list of some of the best chiropractic care centers in New Mexico.

Dr. Anish Bajaj

He specializes in brain health but he also deals with spinal correction and foot alignment. He is quite approachable with anything and he will be patients enough to allow you to finish and later on give you’re his opinion.

West Mesa Wellness

They offer a comprehensive health care plan that is for both adults and children which includes crisis prevention and wellness chiropractic adjustment. According to experts, they have the best services and state of the art technology to offer the best services money can buy. 

Sandia Chiropractic Care

They offer services ranging from pain relief, joint function and lack of energy among many others. They have been around since 1988 thus making them the pioneer facility with the most experienced doctors. 

Precision chiropractic

Here customers can book appointments with their doctors online by use of their telehealth services which is very fast and responsive. At, they have been named as the best chiropractor and also the best alternative wellness practices.

New Mexico Chiropractic Center

Over the years, they have been able to offer top notch services which has allowed them to bag some awards namely a five-star award for distinguished chiropractic from integrity doctors.

High Desert Chiropractic and Wellness

They deal with non-surgical orthopedics, pain management and physical rehabilitation. According to a survey done by expert, they have been around since the year 1995 and they have been able to upgrade their services over the years. Their core values have allowed the doctors and the staff to be honest, reliable and respectful. 

Health Quest Chiropractic

They have offices that work with the main office to offer the best services which are also value for money. They are well known for having the best discount packages for both regular and new patients. 

Equilibrium Chiropractic

It is considered to be an A+ facility by experts. They offer free consultations, and the best thing about this is that a patient can request an appointment online, which is also customizable.

Dr. Michael S Maggio

He is a certified chiropractic physician with board certification. He is licensed to work in and around the vast region of New Mexico. The employees here are very friendly and also very helpful also not to mention their knowledgeability of any situation and how to react with utmost urgency.

Body Balance 

They offer a variety of chiropractic techniques namely activator torque release among many others. According to this facility has expert chiropractors who are certified and also licensed to work in New Mexico. They offer telehealth services, whereby you can be able to book an appointment. 

Blue Sky Chiropractic

Here the experts are very experienced having many years of practical work. Scheduling of appointments here is quite easy as they use a technique known as bio-individuality, which is a way of using the specifications of a particular patient so as to make a fitting consultation program.

Apollo Chiropractic Health and Wellness

The experts here are very patient and they also give all their patients a listening ear. This makes patients feel quite at ease when talking to their doctors. According to experts, they have a telehealth services which is very fast in terms of responses.

Albuquerque Neck and Back Pain Center

As the name suggests they concentrate on neck and back pains and any issues that may occur in the particular named regions. This center is open five days a week, and appointments can be customized to meet he schedule of the patient.

Albuquerque Alternative Health

An article published by uncovered that they have been in service of the community here for over 23 years and this has made them a darling to many. His is due to their great services and their friendly employees. 

Aaaahh Chiro spa

They have been able to acquire some awards due to their top notch services. This facility is more of a center for rehabilitation and relaxation rather than a medical facility. The employees here are trained to deal with any issue that comes to their attention.

A Spinal Health and Movement Center

It was first founded in the year 1996 as a treatment facility. Over the years they have diversified their services to soft tissue massage, interferential E-stim and more in the spa-like atmosphere as pointed out by experts. 

Dr. Allen Miner

He is the owner of Health Quest Chiropractic while also having more than 12 years in the chiropractic field. He has cutting edge technology to back his experience in making sure that he offers the best kind of services. The clinic has been able to help many people in and around the New Mexico area.

Dr. Phillip M Uphold

He is named as one of the leading prenatal and pediatric chiropractic specialists in New Mexico This has allowed him to get some awards to his name. he provides compassionate care to his patients.

ABQ Family Chiropractic

The team here makes sure that all their patients are happy and calm. The environment here also helps out here, this is so as it is quite and cool. Their services are based on the idea that all their patients need to lead a comfortable and healthy life. For more information contact

Dr. Christopher Cecil

He has been able to specialize in a wide area of issues that arise due to either accidents or even old age. He has been freeing people from pain for over 20 years now. He combines physiotherapy procedures and good nutrition advise so as to give out the best results.