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Chiropractic care is the use of spinal alignment to remedy other ailments in the body. This is accomplished by adjusting the position of the spinal column to its proper shape. has been at the fore front of making sure that you contact the best chiropractors. Below is a list that they have been able to compile.

Affordable chiropractors

They are famous for their effective spinal health services to patients in and around the El Paso area. Having over 35 years of chiropractic experience, they are the best choice if you are in need of urgent spinal care or any other services as pointed out by

Aktiv integrative chiropractic

This is a chiropractic clinic that is able to provide alternative medical treatments for patients in the El Paso area. The expert doctors here are able to treat neck and back pains, shoulder pain, ankle pain, short injuries and pregnancy pains.

Dr. Michael C Ponce

He is a board certified doctor with a lot of experience. He holds a doctor degree from the Texas chiropractor college. To top it all of he is very respectful and very kind to all his patients as pointed out by experts.

Desert sun chiropractic

It offers high quality wellness care to children and adults for a very reasonable price too. They offer a good discounted price for any new patient. The clinic provides comprehensive chiropractic techniques that are unique to this clinic and they are well known for giving out the best results.

Dr. Paul Munoz

He is the number one president in the district of the Texas Chiropractic Association. Due to this he has been named among the best chiropractors in the whole of the El Paso and the world in general. To get more information contact

Georges’ chiropractic and wellness center

They are very unique as compared to their competition. This is so because they use natural relief treatments that are very efficient to their patients. They have a mission of cultivating a comfortable, supportive and welcoming environment for their patients.

El Paso Doctors of chiropractic

It is a chiropractic care center that offers quality wellness services by offering some of the best consultation programs that are not only efficient but they are customizable to fit the patients liking and lifestyle.

Dr. Alex Jimenez

Patients like how he takes into his own hands the issues that are brought to him. He makes sure that the patient understands what the problem is and how they are going to go about it. Apart from the above named quality, he is also helpful, knowledgeable, respectful; and caring services.

Leff chiropractic center

This is a back and neck pain special clinic that has been serving adult, pediatric and geriatric patients in the vast area of Texas. They have been offering their services in his area for over 27 years. point out that they utilize some diversified techniques to treat a variety of conditions.

Life Care Chiropractic, Rehabilitation and Medical Centers

The doctors and staff offer a vast range of services including physical therapy, Pain management, massage therapy and injury rehabilitation. point out that they have the best kind of services while also not forgetting the trained employees who are very knowledgeable of what they do.

Southwest chiropractic

It is an El Paso based clinic, with some of the best doctors that are able to use unique procedures to make sure that their services are very effective. It is an accredited clinic that also has accredited world class doctors as uncovered by

Wardy Wellness Chiropractic

The best thing about this clinic is that they have pocket friendly prices, while also giving out a generous discount for all their new patients. They also utilize chiropractic technology to make sure that their patients get the best services and value for their money.

Desert sun chiropractic

They are very quick in addressing the root cause of the pain. This is very effective as most doctors and clinics mainly go for the symptoms and later on make a diagnosis. They also offer a nice new patient package in that the prices are discounted along with other goodies.

Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez

He is one of the leading chiropractors in El Paso admits environs. His main specialty is soft tissue injuries, migraines, spinal trauma, sciatica among many others. He uses unique methods which offer excellent results for affordable prices.

Dr. Michael Ontiveros

He is a graduate of the parker college of chiropractic. According to he has a genuine concern for his patients health. This is seen when he makes it his priority to address the root cause of the pain and not just the symptoms.

Family chiropractic clinic

The doctor here is very wonderful and they are always ready to help with their chiropractic needs. Their services include chiropractic treatment, nutrition massage therapy and rehabilitation.

El Paso chiropractor and sport injuries rehabilitation

As the name suggests it is among the leading sports injury chiropractic centers that has been around offering its services for over 27 years now. They are able to help boost the performance of the athletes through their medical services as pointed out by

Barker chiropractic center

It provides high quality of customer services, not forgetting to mention the great discounts that are offered to the new patients. Due to the experience they have they are committed to the wellness and health of their patients.


They are able to provide accessible care throughout different states in the USA. Furthermore, the diagnosis given to their patients are highly regarded mainly because the staff and chiropractors are highly regarded.

El Paso doctors of chiropractic

Located in the heart of El Paso, the professionals here are dedicated to helping all their patients achieve wellness. Their main objective is to combine skill an expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.

West Texas Chiropractic Center, LLC

It is a pain relief clinic that is oriented in providing result oriented chiropractic care using current research based techniques through technology. For more information on this clinic contact