How to Find a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me? Top 20 Cosmetic Dentists in Baltimore Maryland

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How to Find a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me? Top 20 Cosmetic Dentists in Baltimore Maryland

A cosmetic dentist is responsible for a variety of procedures to help you improve the esthetics of your smile as explained at Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular, with the industry as a whole projected to reach $32 billion by 2026. It is a method of professional oral care that is focused on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth, gums, and overall smile. Here are the top 20 cosmetic dentists in Baltimore, Maryland, to consider in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry

Dr. Ed Lazer at Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry is a leading cosmetic dentist in the Baltimore area as articulated at Recognized for his skill and artistry when creating a smile makeover, Dr. Lazer is also known for his kind, caring manner that sets patients at ease. He will work with you to design a stunning new smile that will enhance your natural beauty and improve the overall condition of your dental health.

Waterfront Dental

The cosmetic dentistry options at Waterfront Dental in Baltimore will give you the smile you have always wanted, and the results can be life-changing. Patients are more likely to take care of their teeth when they are happy with their smile, and that is why the team here wants to give you the smile of your dreams.

Perkins Dental Care

As per, Perkins Dental Care offers cosmetic dental services for patients throughout the Baltimore area. The practice makes it possible for its patients to have the beautiful smile they desire using a variety of modern dental techniques.

Dental Care of Baltimore

Dr. Evans, Dr. Evans Jr., Dr. Toulson, and Dr. Yee at Dental Care of Baltimore provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you feel confident about your smile. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at this office include composite fillings, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, among others.

Dental One Associates

If stained, uneven, broken teeth are affecting your confidence, and you find yourself hiding your smile in photographs or while interacting with friends, Dental One Associates can help. The dental office provides an array of cosmetic services from brilliant tooth whitening to cracked tooth repair to help transform your appearance and achieve a brilliant smile.

Cosmetic Dental Center of Baltimore

The Cosmetic Dental Center of Baltimore offers a full array of cosmetic and restorative dental services to help each patient achieve optimal oral health and maintain a beautiful smile. Since 1981, this practice has been providing exceptional, comprehensive dental care to the Baltimore area. According to, it prides itself on maintaining a technologically progressive practice utilizing the latest advancements in patient care.

Baltimore City Dental Group

As locally trusted cosmetic dentists in Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore City Dental Group is proud to offer a variety of useful cosmetic services for patients interested in improving their smiles. Whether you are looking to whiten your teeth or straighten them, you are sure you will find the professional care you need at this dental office.

Now Dentistry

Now Dentistry has a staff of refined and seasoned cosmetic dentists in Garland who understand what it takes to create a million-dollar smile. From quick, subtle changes to complex procedures that completely revamp your smile, Now Dentistry offers a full range of treatments as captured at

Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Maryland

Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Maryland’s Pikesville dental practice is home to its team of highly-trained and accommodating professionals led by Dr. Jennifer Ouazana. The practice offers years of experience helping patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health through personalized treatment plans.

Dr. Garcia and Associates

Dr. Garcia and Associates offers aesthetic dental solutions to enhance the appearance and function of your smile and improve your confidence. The office’s goal is to give you a smile that you are proud to show off, while also acknowledging that strong, healthy teeth need to be both functional and beautiful.

Hamilton Family Dentistry

If you are interested in a straighter smile, a whiter smile, or otherwise improve upon your existing smile, Hamilton Family Dentistry can help. From Invisalign clear aligner therapy to porcelain veneers and teeth whitening as covered at, this dental office has all your cosmetic needs covered in Baltimore, MD.

Matthew Wallengren, DDS

If you want help creating a more pleasing smile, the dental office of Dr. Matthew Wallengren can help. The team here can help with anything, from filling in chips or gaps with dental bonding to correcting imperfections and lost tooth structure with dental veneers or using custom aligners to straighten teeth with Invisalign, and so much more.

Caring Dental

Using advanced cosmetic dental treatments and materials, the Baltimore dentists at Caring Dental, Drs. Hyatt and Lustman can make a real difference as described at The skill, experience, and commitment of this practice – using a unique combination of science and artistry – can redesign your smile.

Sarubin Family Dental

With modern advances in dentistry, the cosmetic procedures at Sarubin Family Dental can range from a basic color correction to replacing missing teeth and everything in between. Some of the treatments offered here include veneers, implants, natural-looking crowns, and filling materials.

Inner Harbor Dental Associates

If oral health issues are making you afraid to smile, consider the exceptional cosmetic dentistry options from Inner Harbor Dental Associates. The office offers several family and cosmetic dentistry treatments for improving the shape, size, color, position, alignment, and overall appearance of your teeth.

Paul W. Karpovich, DDS

This is the dental office of Dr. Paul Karpovich, a Baltimore, MD, native who is proud to serve patients in Timonium, Lutherville, Towson, and many communities in Northern Baltimore County. Dr. Karpovich offers cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the natural look of patients’ smiles. He helps patients receive the smile of their dreams while taking their personal goals, budget, and oral health needs into account as discussed at

White Marsh Family Dentistry

With their years of experience in enhancing countless smiles, Drs. Litwin and Farrugia at White Marsh Family Dentistry will be able to address your concerns and suggest methods that will not only meet your goals but possibly exceed them.

Advanced Dental Health

Dr. Ashley Izadi and Dr. Roham Rafat of Advanced Dental Health in Hunt Valley have many years of dental experience and are dedicated to using their expertise to give you the smile you have always dreamed about as outlined at The office believes exceptional cosmetic dentistry is not a one size fits all industry. By incorporating advanced technology and undergoing continuous education, the team of dentists here can offer patients the best that dental care has to offer.

Dr. Steven W. Haywood

Whether it is to obtain a brighter smile, fix a broken tooth, or receive gum treatment, the office of Dr. Steven W. Haywood has an array of cosmetic dentistry services that it can employ to meet any personal deadline that you have.

Innovation Dental Center

If your teeth are stained, discolored, chipped, worn down, misshapen, a little gapped, or misaligned, the Innovation Dental Center can help. Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, less-than-perfect teeth can be completely transformed to produce a naturally beautiful-looking smile at this dental practice.

These are some of the best cosmetic dentists in Baltimore, Maryland, with more on this topic, and then some, to be found over at