How to Find a Diagnostic Center Near Me? Top 20 Diagnostic Centers in Las Vegas Nevada

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How to Find a Diagnostic Center Near Me? Top 20 Diagnostic Centers in Las Vegas Nevada

Diagnostic imaging is the term used to describe all the different ways that physicians can look inside your body. As explained at, a diagnostic imaging center has the equipment and trained specialists to perform those tests. Here is a list of the top 20 diagnostic centers in Las Vegas, Nevada, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

Located on the campus of Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center as articulated at, the experienced outpatient diagnostic care team here takes pride in delivering a comfortable diagnostic medical imaging experience for you. All of the radiologists here are board-certified and fellowship-trained in their specific specialties.

Diagnostic Center of Medicine

The Diagnostic Center of Medicine, in practice since 1977, is one of the largest internal medicine and family medicine groups in Southern Nevada with three locations to serve its patients. Its facilities allow its physicians and technical support staff to provide the most sophisticated quality of ancillary diagnostic services available for its patients while containing costs at the same time.

Elite Medical Center

Elite Medical Center is staffed with certified and licensed radiologists. As per, its full-service Radiology Department can obtain and provide results promptly, in most cases, within 60 minutes of being admitted.

Preventive Diagnostic Center

Heart and lung scans provide early detection of heart disease, lung cancer, and other abnormalities, even when symptoms may not be noticeable. Preventive Diagnostic Center provides preventive screening, and all of your scans are read by a board-certified radiologist after which you receive a comprehensive radiology report that puts you in control of your health again.

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center offers patients advanced diagnostic imaging services to help diagnose and detect illnesses and injuries. These services include angiography, CT scan, DEXA bone density scan, mammography, MRI, nuclear medicine, as well as ultrasound with Doppler.

UMC Imaging Services

UMC Imaging Services provides a wide variety of diagnostic imaging services for both inpatients and outpatients. According to, it offers imaging services from simple chest x-rays to more complex nuclear medicine and MRI procedures.

Sundance Medical Center

Sundance Medical Center offers exceptional health care in Southern Nevada. The center truly believes that its main role as your doctor is to listen, observe, communicate, educate, and then finally, heal. Diagnostic medical services offered here include on-site lab testing, EKG testing, nervous system testing, pulmonary function testing, and vascular disease testing.

Valley Hospital Medical Center

Several imaging tests are available at Valley Hospital Medical Center. As covered at, these services include x-ray, CT scans, MRI, FibroScan®, nuclear medicine, and many others, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Apex Medical Center

Apex Medical Center offers a full range of medical services to people with a particular focus on pain management. It offers comprehensive (primary and specialized) care in one location, including diagnostic services.

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Everything the Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging team does is about delivering the best possible experience to its patients. Abundant with natural light, well-managed, and spotlessly clean, SDMI pays attention to the details because it knows how important every aspect of your visit is to your overall experience.


As the only national provider of mobile diagnostic services, TridentCare can provide employers with unmatched health services on a nationwide scale. As captured at, its network of board-certified radiologists and technicians, combined with many years of experience providing mobile imaging services, is what sets it apart.

Las Vegas Heart Associates

The physicians at Las Vegas Heart Associates have access to some of the best technology to properly and safely diagnose, manage, and treat its patients. Situated on the campus of MountainView Hospital and Southern Hills Hospital with access to outpatient testing as well as in-office testing.

MountainView Hospital

MountainView Hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging technology and equipment to help diagnose and treat your conditions. As is described at, the imaging services here are available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center

Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center provides comprehensive imaging services, including cardiac emergency and breast imaging services. It also offers infusion and transfusion services in a comfortable outpatient setting.

Desert Radiology

Founded in 1966, Desert Radiology has grown with the Southern Nevada community to become the area’s chief resource for the highest quality diagnostic care. Its staff of radiologists, technical and support teammates promote a reassuring environment that relieves concerns and results in the best possible experience for its patients.

GRI Labs

A CLIA-approved medical diagnostic laboratory based in Las Vegas, Nevada, as revealed at, GRI Labs is an efficient, reliable, and friendly medical diagnostic lab serving the Southwest region. Its testing services include RPP test with Covid using PCR technology, antibody test for Covid-19, UTI test using PCR technology, STD panel, toxicology, women’s health testing, blood chemistry, and more.

Quest Diagnostics

As the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, the practitioners at Quest Diagnostics work every day to uncover insights about your body that empower you with the information you need to make your healthcare decisions count.

SimonMed Imaging

SimonMed Imaging offers the most advanced imaging options at affordable, accessible centers, including in Las Vegas, Nevada, as outlined at Its compassionate, specialized providers are pioneering new ways to provide earlier and more accurate diagnoses through advanced imaging. You can expect the most accurate diagnoses from the largest independent specialized outpatient radiology group in the country.

Las Vegas Radiology

Las Vegas Radiology is the place where skilled imaging meets quality care. It offers an ongoing commitment to providing patients and physicians in Las Vegas with timely access to cutting-edge imaging and world-renowned clinical expertise. Its three Southern Nevada locations offer a full array of diagnostic imaging services in a private setting and its caring staff provides each patient with personalized attention.

Red Rock Radiology Associates

For more than 40 years, Red Rock Radiology Associates has proudly served the Las Vegas Valley. It was one of the first radiology practices in the region and is the only radiology group affiliated with HCA in Southern Nevada.

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