How to Find a Geriatrician Near Me? Top 20 Geriatricians in El Paso Texas

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How to Find a Geriatrician Near Me? Top 20 Geriatricians in El Paso Texas

As is explained at, geriatricians are primary care doctors who have additional specialized training in treating older patients. While there is no set age to start seeing a geriatric doctor, most see patients who are 65 years and older. If you are looking for one near you in El Paso, Texas, then here are the top 20 geriatricians in the area to consider.

University Medical Center of El Paso

UMC offers patient-centered healthcare for adults age 65 and older from a skilled and compassionate medical team that specializes in caring for seniors. As discussed at, care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals led by a geriatrician. The team’s focus is on improving every patient’s health.

The Hospitals of Providence

The new Geriatric Behavioral Unit (GBU), located at Providence Memorial Campus, consists of 12 private rooms for both male and female patients who are 65 years old and older. The GBU is designed and staffed to provide a calming and soothing environment with patient safety and security in mind, where each patient will receive individual treatment planning.

Monroy MD

This is the medical practice of Dr. Anwar E. Monroy who is dedicated to helping his community by offering high-quality medical care to patients, 18 years of age and above. As is revealed over at, Dr. Monroy has a special interest in promoting healthy aging in El Paso’s geriatric population, and he specializes in helping active “middle-aged adults” transition gracefully and smoothly into their 60s and beyond, helping them stay healthy throughout their senior years.

Valley Medical Clinic

El Paso’s seniors are part of the top priority patients at Valley Medical Clinic. The clinic strives to keep you at top health as you get older. Its primary care physician can help your entire family with basic medical needs. As a specialist in geriatric care, the older you get, the more help the clinic can offer you.

Advanced Foot Care

The team here understands that as you age, it is important to pay good attention to your overall health; this includes the well-being of your feet. Some of the common foot conditions found in geriatric patients and treated here include corns, ingrown toenails, calluses, bunions, dry skin, brittle nails, complications due to arthritis and diabetes, and fungal infections.

Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso

The Internal Medicine Clinic in El Paso provides top-of-the-line diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care for adults for complex illnesses including allergies, heart problems, hormonal issues, stomach conditions, geriatrics/palliative medicine, and so much more as outlined at

Kingsway Medical Center

Kingsway Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service to all patients, including senior citizens in El Paso. Its board-certified physician, Dr. Adedeji, and his exceptional staff are committed to helping you stay healthy through disease prevention, comprehensive evaluation, and treatment of illness.

Primary Care El Paso

Primary Care El Paso is a medical center dedicated to providing El Pasoans with high-quality, comprehensive care as articulated at It offers a wide variety of medical services that can help ensure that you are staying in the best health possible, even as you age. The physicians here are experienced and qualified to help you with everything from anti-aging medicine to chronic disease management.

Transmountain Primary Care

Transmountain Primary Care is an El Paso-based walk-in clinic located in Horizon City. It offers medical services for El Paso families to make the city as happy and healthy as possible. Its staff has years of experience working with El Pasoans of all ages, including the elderly, and works with a wide range of care services and conditions.

Bienvivir All-Inclusive Senior Health

This is a community-based health care program developed to serve the frail, elderly population of El Paso. Utilizing the National Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly as the model of service, Bienvivir serves those who qualify for Medicaid and Medicare and provides comprehensive care at three facilities in El Paso.

El Paso Center for Family & Sports Medicine

Dr. Angel J. Garcia at El Paso Center for Family & Sports Medicine in El Paso, Texas, is board-certified in both family medicine and sports medicine, making him an ideal primary care physician who can treat everyone from children to grandparents as discusses at He treats immediate problems ranging from minor illnesses to conditions that could become serious if not diagnosed correctly.

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels offers companion care in El Paso, Texas, caring for patients as they age. With its companion care services, Visiting Angels is committed to helping seniors in the El Paso area get the care they need while giving family caregivers time to rest and recharge. The practice can provide care during the day as well as on weekends, in the evenings, and overnight.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center

The Department of Primary Care at William Beaumont Army Medical Center delivers integrated, accessible health care services by physicians and their healthcare teams who are accountable for addressing a large majority of personal health care needs, caring for patients of all ages, including senior citizens as articulated at

Home Instead

Home Instead offers personalized in-home senior care services to the elderly in El Paso, Texas. Its senior care services help to enhance the aging experience by providing practical support at home with a human touch. Its professional caregivers immerse themselves into wherever home is to assist with common activities of daily living and build a lasting relationship with you and your family.

Carol N. Abalihi, MD, PA

By working with Dr. Abalihi, you can expect that she will treat your medical concerns with the same importance and consideration that she applies to various other conditions. The practice offers family medicine services to patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Always Best Care

Always Best Care combines national strength and standards with local accessibility and personal services as covered at Its team has strong relationships with hospitals, social workers, senior communities, and senior resources across the state of Texas, which helps it serve the elderly better.

Caring Senior Service of El Paso

Caring Senior Service of El Paso tales its responsibility to support seniors and their families seriously and is committed to continuing to do so. Its team is devoted to providing quality and compassionate care to the seniors it serves.

Southern Home Care, Inc.

As is revealed in discussions on the same at, Southern Homecare aims at providing the best home health services in El Paso. It is one of the few home health agencies in El Paso that is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Amada Senior Care

Amada Senior Care provides exceptional in-home care to seniors as well as dedicated support to the families of senior loved ones. The practice believes that senior care should be a family endeavor hence why its mission every day is to enrich the lives of others.

The Talk Shop, PLLC

This is the office of Dr. Marcella de la Reza, a licensed professional counselor who offers services to adults and the elderly (65+). The types of therapy she offers include ACT, CBT, person-centered, positive psychology, and many others, and she specializes in geriatric psychology.

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