How to Find a Job in New York: 10 Tips

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How to Find a Job in New York: 10 Tips

New York City, the Big Apple, is where most of us dream of working in. There are lots of people who, once the graduate college, they move to New York in pursuit of their dream. However, as revealed in discussions over at the excellent, things don’t always pan out the way most those who move to New York to pursue their dream dreamt off. The big city can be a challenge to live in, especially if you are from a sleepy and intimate town where everyone knows and looks out for each other. Not to be cynical but in the big city, everyone is looking out for themselves, and you have to start to learn to do the same for your sake. Being in the job hunt in New York is difficult as you are in competition with lots of other very qualified people and therefore to help with that, here are 10 tips to help you find a job in New York.

Be persistent

One of the keys in getting a job in New York is perseverance since you are likely to encounter disappointment in terms of rejection when looking for a job. As mentioned above, and as discussed in detail over at, there are lots of people looking for employment in New York just like you and as such you need keep going even if you get turned down.

Be flexible

Keep your options open as far as finding a job in New York is, and don’t restrict yourself to one particular niche when looking for employment. The gurus over at recommend that you be flexible, looking for areas where you qualify even if they are not traditionally where someone with your qualifications would seek employment. Boxing yourself in will only serve to narrow your options as far as finding a job is concerned.

Actively take charge of your job hunt

You shouldn’t rely only on ads and job listings but you should actively take charge of you job search efforts as per the gurus over at Be aggressive when looking for a job, actively seeking out job opportunities and prospective employers and pitching yourself to them. Your initiative is what may lead to you finally getting a job in the competitive job market in New York.

Networking is key

As advised by the subject matter experts over at, if you are to find a job in New York, you need to network extensively. This means seeking out and talking to friends and family living in the city, attending career fairs, conferences, recruitment fairs and even seeking out industry experts and leaders in a bid to build and expand your network, which you can then leverage to find a job in New York.

Look for temp jobs

If you are having difficulties finding a permanent job, the gurus over at recommend that you take a look at temporary jobs, of which there are many in New York. These jobs will not only help you learn new skills and enable you to get experience, they are also great for networking as you can meet someone there who recommends you later on for a job that interests you. Some temp jobs also end up becoming permanent depending on the situation and therefore you should never put your nose up on such opportunities.

Social media

Social media, as discussed in detail over at, is an extremely useful tool when looking for a job in New York. Most businesses in the city have social media pages be it on Twitter, Facebook and of course LinkedIn, where they may post job opportunities and as such it is important to check these pages out. You should also clean your own social media profiles, taking out any problematic posts and ensuring that you stay as professional as possible so as to be attractive to employers.

Online job search resources

There are also lots of online resources you can leverage to find a job in New York. As per the gurus over at, they include sites such as Craigslist, the job market page on, and many others where you may find a job that interests you from the many listings that are posted there each day.

Leverage job search sites and services that offer alerts

The problem with the above sites, as discussed over at, is that it is usually difficult to filter out those jobs that will actually be of interest to you from the many that are posted over there daily, of which there are many in a city like New York. To help solve this issue, you should consider making use of sites and services that offer alerts once a job that matches the criteria you have set becomes available. These include using Google Alerts or email job alerts among other such sites and services.

Consider working remotely

One of the best ways to find a job in New York is to work remotely. It may be difficult to find a job located in New York, but you can find a job in another city, and work remotely while in New York as discussed in detail over at If you are moving to New York from another city, you don’t have to change employers but can ask your employer if you can still keep your job but continue working remotely while living in New York. More and more people are taking up the option of working remotely, where all you need is a space to work, a laptop and an internet connection.

Take advantage of your university network

If you are freshly out of college, you can leverage your university network to find a job in New York. As per the gurus over at, you can reach out to your former lecturers and professors and ask if they can connect you with any employers in New York, or you can reach out to your former classmates or university alumni working in New York for connections.

Hopefully, the above tips will enable you to finally find a job in New York, with more help on the same to be found over at the highly regarded