How to Find a Job in UK: 10 Tips

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How to Find a Job in UK: 10 Tips

As is the case for many countries, the number of qualified people in the UK looking for employment, especially full-time and salaried employment, as compared to the vacancies available are skewed negatively such as that there are very few vacancies, compared to the very many qualified folks as discussed in detail by the subject matter experts over at Whether you are from the UK or are an immigrant seeking employment, you need to be smart in how you go about things if you are to find a job. Not only do you need to be prepared and armed with all the requisite skills and qualifications, you also need to know exactly where to look if you are to find a job. If you are looking for some help, then this article should be exactly what the doctor ordered as it will look to highlight 10 tips that will help you find a job in the UK.


As per the gurus over at, finding a job is not always about what you know but who you know, and the same is true when looking for a job in the UK. Therefore, if you are to find a job here, you should focus heavily on networking doing things like talking to friends and family, attending trade fairs and conferences, reaching out to industry experts and prospective employers by actively setting up meetings and so forth to make sure you increase your network of contacts, who will come in handy when looking for a job.

Prepare adequately before starting the job search journey

Make sure that you have a CV that is well written and structured and one that stands out from the crowd if you are to get a job in the UK. You should also write an excellent cover letter, one that is tailored to the job you are applying for, once you find a job that interests you and if you get invited for an interview, make sure you prepared diligently for the same, researching the company that your are interviewing for beforehand and so forth. For tips on how to write a CV, a cover letter and how to prepare for an interview, head over to the excellent

Leverage online aggregators

One of the best ways to find a job in the UK is through online aggregators where you will find lots of job opportunities from the many that are posted over there daily as discussed in detail over at There are many popular sites you can check out when looking for jobs, all if which can be of great help in finding a job in the UK.

Don’t ignore local newspapers

Another way to find a job in the UK is to look local, by checking out local newspapers. Most people tend to think that this is old fashioned, but as explained over at, it is actually quite effective in finding a job since most jobs advertised in local newspapers don’t have a lot of competition owing to the fact that they are local. You therefore stand a much better chance of getting accepted. Other than local newspapers, check out local libraries for ads as well.

Leverage social media

Social media is also another very effective way to find a job in the UK, where a sizeable amount of companies and employers are on social media. Companies will advertise jobs on the various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and so forth as covered in detail over at Use social media to find job listings as well as creating a professional social media profile, cleaning your profiles, to make yourself visible and attractive to prospective employers.

Check out trade publications

If you are looking for industry specific jobs in the UK, then the best way to go about it, as per the subject matter experts over at, is by checking out trade publications specific to your industry of concern. These include trade magazines and newsletters where you will find niche jobs, tailored to your specific qualifications and skillset. This also means that you will have less competition for these jobs, increasing your chances of getting in.

Take advantage of Google Alerts

As is discussed in detail over at the highly rated, one of the most popular ways to find a job in the UK is through the use of Google Alerts. This is a service, a free one at that, which allows you to get an alert whenever something matching a set of criteria you have set becomes available. You can set the criteria to be specific jobs and positions, and whenever they pop up on the internet, you will be alerted, and can then go on to apply for the job and hopefully get it.

Don’t give up

Given that you are not alone in the job hunt, the key in finding a job in the UK is perseverance and never giving up as per the gurus over at No matter how many times you get turned down, dust yourself up, make changes and improvements on your process and keep going and sooner rather than later, you will find the job you are looking for.

Learn the language as well as the British work environment and management culture

If you are an immigrant or new to the country, then if you are to find a job in the UK, you need to learn and adopt to the British work environment as well as the management and work culture as discussed in detail over at the excellent It may also be an added advantage if you not only speak fluent English, but also can speak another language or two as this will give you an advantage over British applicants who may only speak English.

Get all the necessary documentation

Also, if you are to find a job in the UK as an immigrant, you need to have all the requisite documentations needed. These include British work visas as well as residence permits, with more information on them as well as where and how to apply to be found over at the highly rated

As ever, if you are looking for more information on this and other related topics, you should head over to the highly rated