How to Find a Job on LinkedIn: 10 Tips

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How to Find a Job on LinkedIn: 10 Tips

If you didn’t know already, I’m sure by now you know that LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site, not only in the US, but the world, with over a hundred million users in the US alone as discussed in detail over at This means that it is a great resource as far as finding a job is concerned and if you are looking for a job and aren’t leveraging it, then you are definitely missing out big time. You are likely to be missing out on many available job opportunities due to the fact that you are not leveraging LinkedIn when looking for employment. Having said that, if you are to make the most out of LinkedIn, then it is going to take a lot more than just creating your LinkedIn account and updating it. To help you get the best out of this platform, this article will look to highlight 10 tips which should help you find a job on LinkedIn.

Set up your profile and ensure that you keep it up to date

First of all, you need to set up a LinkedIn profile, with help on how to do so to be found over at the excellent Once you are set up however, you need to ensure that you keep your profile up to date. Make sure that your profile is complete and is filled out 100%, making sure that you add your skills and post a profile picture if you are to increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn.

Don’t leave anything out as far as your current skills and objectives are concerned

This is key, as per the subject matter experts over at, as you need to ensure that you are comprehensive about all your skills and objectives as well as any recent experience you may have gotten. Update all your current skills and objectives, leaving nothing out so as to ensure that recruiters and companies don’t overlook you when on LinkedIn looking for employees. Makes sure you highlight any recent experiences as well.

Use a photo that is professional

As per discussions on the same over at, LinkedIn accounts with profile pictures are 14 times likely to receive page reviews than those without. However, you shouldn’t just stop there but should ensure that the photo you use is professional in appearance. Given LinkedIn is a professional networking site, you should save the casual looking photos for Facebook and Instagram. Make sure that you are presenting a smile in your photo, which helps you look warm and trustworthy; and to help with this, you should take a professional headshot at a photographer studio.

Make sure you include keywords

You want to be as visible as possible when you are on LinkedIn if you are to get a job and to do so, you will need to include keywords when writing your job descriptions and objectives as per the gurus over at Do your research on industry-specific keywords and add them to your profile if you are to stand out and get a job on LinkedIn.

Make sure also you also follow companies

Another crucial tip that will help you find a job on LinkedIn is looking for and following companies that interest you. This, as is revealed in discussions on the same over at, will not only enable you to learn a more about a specific company’s culture, it will also ensure that you are in the know whenever any job opening is announced, allowing you to prepare and apply early enough.

Put a personal touch to your account

You should ensure that you are not just another account on LinkedIn, as per the subject matter experts over at, and personalizing your account is one way to ensure this. This means that when reaching out to people or companies, use personalized messages as opposed to generic ones. Try to add a personalized touch to your interactions on LinkedIn and this may be the thing that leads to you finding a job on there.

Consider paying for LinkedIn premium

To increase you visibility on LinkedIn so that you can finally land a job, then the gurus over at recommend that you should consider getting a paid account. If you are paying for a premium membership on LinkedIn, then you will be shown to employers more often than when not paying. Also, paying for LinkedIn premium coms with additional perks such as InMail messages as well as real-time insights and data on companies of concern such as insight on salaries among others.

Look for college or university alumni

Another very useful tip to finding a job on LinkedIn is trying to ensure that you look up and reach out to college or university alumni. Such folk, as per discussions on the same over at, are likely to be of great help in finding employment especially if they happen to work in an industry like the one you are interested in gaining employment in.

Be active on LinkedIn

The subject matter experts over at are also very clear that if you are to increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn, then you need to ensure that you are active on there. Interact with others on the platform, get yourself involved with groups, update your profile regularly as mentioned earlier on, post any articles and blog entries you’ve written and so forth. If you are not active, recruiters and companies will most likely just overlook your profile.

Test out the best hours to network, include after-business hours

As per discussions on the same over at, only about 8% of folks in the US use LinkedIn during working hours as compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You should therefore look to interact more on LinkedIn, networking and updating your status and so forth, during afterhours. You should probably test out the best times for you, so as to find the times during the day when you get the most responses and interactions.

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