How to Find a Nephrologist Near Me? Top 20 Nephrologists in Las Vegas Nevada

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How to Find a Nephrologist Near Me? Top 20 Nephrologists in Las Vegas Nevada

A nephrologist is a type of doctor who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney conditions as captured at Nephrologists also receive training to help manage the impact of kidney dysfunction on the rest of the body. Here is a list of the top 20 nephrologists in Las Vegas, Nevada, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada

KSON provides you with a complete and comprehensive management approach to your chronic kidney dysfunction and its related complications. As per, its nephrologists and caring staff will help you manage your kidney disease with knowledge and leading-edge medical treatments, while also educating and empowering you as far as your condition is concerned.

Nevada Nephrology Consultants

Nevada Nephrology Consultants is a group of doctors working together to serve Las Vegas and Henderson areas in the field of nephrology. It has continually striven to improve and maintain the quality of life for all of its patients over the last 13 years and is committed to all patients with kidney failure in providing renal replacement therapy of the highest quality.

Desert Nephrology of Nevada

Desert Nephrology of Nevada is centrally located in Las Vegas for your convenience. As articulated at, it is located in the same building as American Dialysis Center, a state-of-the-art dialysis facility, and is close to University Medical Center where kidney transplantation services are available.

Nevada Kidney Disease & Hypertension Centers

Nevada Kidney Disease & Hypertension Centers is driven by its mission to deliver superior care. That means more than just treating symptoms. At every stage, its specialists strive to improve quality of life by identifying, managing, and ultimately limiting the progression of chronic kidney disease.

Children’s Nephrology Clinic

Children’s Nephrology Clinic is the only specialty clinic in the area dedicated exclusively to pediatric nephrology. Dr. Cheam, a board-certified pediatric nephrologist, and his team are extremely professional and caring and will take their time to answer all your questions to ensure that you understand clearly what your child’s condition is, and what treatment will entail.

Kidney, Dialysis & Hypertension Specialists

Kidney, Dialysis & Hypertension Specialists is led by Dr. Luana Pillon, a board-certified nephrologist in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to, the practice specializes in hypertension, diabetes, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, glomerular diseases, lupus nephritis, and many others.

Urology Specialists of Nevada

Urology Specialists of Nevada is the preferred choice for excellent, innovative, and compassionate urologic care. It is dedicated to continuously offering the most advanced surgical procedures and technology and treats a wide range of conditions, including kidney cancer, kidney stones, among many others.

Las Vegas Cyberknife Center

The Las Vegas Cyberknife Center offers a non-invasive, clinically proven alternative to surgery for the treatment of kidney cancer. Using its Cyberknife System to precisely deliver a high dose of radiation to tumors as covered at, the doctors here can effectively treat kidney cancer on an outpatient basis, with minimal side effects and no recovery time.

Las Vegas Urology

Since 1988, the board-certified physicians at Las Vegas Urology have provided comprehensive care to patients suffering from kidney cancer. The practice’s mission is to deliver comprehensive, compassionate urologic care with its state-of-the-art equipment and procedures.

DaVita Las Vegas Pediatric Dialysis Center

DaVita Las Vegas Pediatric Dialysis Center is located at 7271 W. Sahara Avenue, Ste 120, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117-2862. It offers compassionate and caring dialysis services for pediatric patients from infants to teens, and you can rest easy that your child will be in great hands with them.

Fresenius Kidney Care

Fresenius Kidney Care dialysis centers are part of Fresenius Medical Care North American as Discussed at Fresenius Kidney Care is passionately committed to helping people with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease, lead fuller, more active, and vibrant lives.

DaVita Dialysis Center

DaVita is the country’s largest kidney care provider accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Its centers in Las Vegas provide comprehensive care and complex chronic condition management to patients nationwide, whether they are in the early stages of kidney disease, transitioning to dialysis, or seeking a kidney transplant, or receiving life-sustaining dialysis.

American Dialysis Centers

American Dialysis Centers is the only independent-owned dialysis clinic in the state of Nevada as explained at It is a state-of-the-art facility, which provides thousands of dialysis treatments yearly while maintaining the highest medical standards. It is centrally located in Las Vegas, Nevada, between Downtown and the Las Vegas Strip.

Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center understands that urologic conditions can be painful and uncomfortable and cause stress and worry. Whether you are experiencing an overactive bladder or urologic cancer, this hospital’s dedicated urologists are here to help.

Radhika R. Janga, MD

Dr. Janga is one of the familiar and experienced nephrologists in the Las Vegas, Nevada, region. Her service is available in 12 locations in and around Las Vegas, and she is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and holds an active Nevada State Medical License.

Las Vegas Kidney and Hypertension Specialists

Dr. Dijana at Las Vegas Kidney and Hypertension Specialists strives to provide residents of the Las Vegas area with the highest quality of care through comprehensive consultation, evaluation, and treatment of kidney diseases as well as dialysis management from discussions on the same at

Azura Vascular Care

Azura provides patients and their families with educational information to enhance their understanding of common vascular conditions and treatment options. It offers a wide array of services, including dialysis access management which is overseen by its board-certified nephrologists.

Jeffrey Ryu, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Ryu is an experienced board-certified nephrologist serving the Las Vegas, Nevada, community. His clinical specialties are hypertensive chronic kidney disease, hyperkalemia, acute kidney failure, end-stage renal disease, nephrotic syndrome, limb swelling caused by fluid overload, and many other conditions as outlined at

VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System

VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System offers a wide range of health, support, and facility services for Veterans in southern Nevada, southern California, southern Utah, and western Arizona. Its nephrology specialists offer you advanced care for kidney-related diseases like chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, and fluid and electrolyte problems.

Intermountain Healthcare

To help patients with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease live the healthiest lives possible, Intermountain Healthcare has created a new Kidney Services program, which will ensure that patients receive a cutting-edge, fully integrated, and coordinated experience throughout the continuum of their care.

These are some of the top-rated nephrologists in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more on this and much more topic to be found over at