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In the medical industry there are many kinds of doctors, one of the expert doctors in this case is the neurosurgeon. They mainly deal with the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of disorders that affect either partly or the whole nervous system. Below is a list compiled by experts at of the best neurologists in Oklahoma.

Zahid Cheema

He is very experienced, as he has been practicing for over 15 years now. He is known to be easily approachable, kind and honest.  Among his other great qualities is that he is able to explain condition and treatment procedures to be used in a way that the patient can understand.

Site man cancer center

This center is rated among the best in the whole world. The reputation is brought about by their top notch services and their unique and innovative ways of treatments. To get more information on this facility contact

Dr. Joel N. Abramovitz, MD

He has mainly specialized in neurosurgery and Neurotrauma. Mainly offering is services at St John Medical Center, he is a good listener and also a very kind and patient person. He also has very knowledgeable staff members.

James Alvis

He speaks one language fluently. His customer service is excellent and due to this he has been ranked among the best doctors in the whole world. This is very key as he has been offering his services for over 21 years now.

Dr. Mason B. Andrews have been able to uncover that, Dr. Mason is very experienced in what he does. Among his specialties is neurosurgery, brain and spinal tumor, epilepsy surgery just to name but a few.

Dr. Clinton J. Baird MD

He is approachable and very kind, this is very key as the patients need to feel comfortable and at ease so as to recover quickly. He also makes it easy for the patient to understand what the issue is and how to go about it.

Dr. Christopher J. Barry MD

For over 11 years, he has been able to offer services in general neurosurgery. Not forgetting the customizable appointments offered to all the patients. He has been a darling to many of the people both patients and non-patients.

Dr. Andrew M. Bauer MD

Situated along 1000 N Lincoln BLVD, Oklahoma City, he has been offering his services for over 15 years now. His services are highly rated as they are customized to fit the patients schedule. This is very nice as a patient can visit the doctor without having to cancel out on anything in their personal schedule.

Dr. Christopher G. Covington

After 21 years of helping out many sick individuals, he is rated among the best doctors in the whole world. He is very honest, respectful and reliable too. These qualities also apply to his staff members.

Dr. Joseph B. Cox

He mainly specializes in neurosurgical spine surgery. According to, he is the best in that particular area. He has trained employees, who make patients feel relaxed. This goes a long way in improving the patient’s recovery process.

Dr. Shon W. Cook

Apart from speaking one language fluently, he is also a jack of all trades so to speak. He is a brain and spinal tumor specialist, cerebrovascular neurosurgery, neurosurgical spine surgery and lastly pituitary surgery as uncovered by experts.

Dr. Daniel C. Cochran MD

He is a doctor licensed to work in Oklahoma with an accreditation from the board. He is also an award winning doctor. He offers some of the best packages for new patients which is very nice, this also applies to the regular patients as the prices are also very pocket friendly.

Dr. John A. Coates MD

For 20 years, he has always been known for his great abilities in general neuro surgery, not only that but also the telehealth service is very good too. It has the fastest responses of less than 30 minutes, which is very fast as compared to the competition.

Dr. Ahmed Cheema MD

With over 6 years of experience, he is a top rated doctor worldwide who has quality characters like honesty, respect and also very easy to approach. The employees too are very knowledgeable of what they are doing. For more information visit

Dr. Donald K. Braden

Being a specialist in general neurosurgery he has over 18 years of experience in this particular exercise. He has a great reputation in both the eyes of patients and non-patients. He is also a very patient man especially when listening to what his patient has to say.

Dr. Nathaniel D. Stetson

He has some of the best staff members, as uncovered by experts. The staff is very friendly and helpful in any way they can. The doctor too is not left behind, he is also very helpful and offers a listening ear to all his patients.

Dr. Fadi F. Nasir

His availability is very good. This is so as he can be able to organize an appointment to fit your schedule perfectly. This is mainly done at the front desk. By any chance there is an appointment needed to be scheduled they schedule it very easy and fast too.

Dr. Emily D Friedman

She has a consultation program that is very flexible as compared to others. She has unique ways that she uses to fasten the recovery period of a patient. This has made it very easy for here to climb the ranks as pointed out by

Dr. Amanda L. Yaun

She has a team that can be bale to customize appointments for the sake of her patient’s comfortability. She has a very unique way of making sure that her patients are well informed of what they are going through in terms of their health.

Dr. Stan Pelofsky

He has been offering his services for over 10 years now. All his patients tend to praise how fast he reacts to issues, the best thing is that he is very accurate in what he does as pointed out by