How to Find a Nutritionist Near Me? Top 20 Nutritionists in El Paso Texas

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How to Find a Nutritionist Near Me? Top 20 Nutritionists in El Paso Texas

Dietitians and nutritionists counsel patients on nutrition issues. As captured at, they are experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. If you are looking for one near you in El Paso, Texas, then here are the top 20 nutritionists in the area to consider.

Sun City Dietitians

Sun City Dietitians was founded by Sarah Ruiz, a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. Her vision of the world is where nutrition and satisfaction happily coexist and families as a whole take care of their health and bodies. Sun City Dietitians offers several services as outlined at, including 1-on-1 nutrition counseling, group classes, family nutrition, and diabetes management.

Awesome Olive Holistic Nutrition

Awesome Olive Holistic Nutrition is on a mission to provide families with access to holistic and functional nutrition services to build and maintain a foundation of good health so its women, men, and children can thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually.

A Traveling Dietitian

A Traveling Dietitian is skilled in nutrition education and diseases such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, GI disorders, obesity, and many others discussed at It offers a wide array of services, including weight management, sports nutrition, and disease-related nutrition education.

San Vicente Family Health Center

Thanks to the Paso Del Norte Health Foundation, Centro San Vicente has the funding to integrate nutritional services into the clinical setting. It offers nutritional services for children ages 6 and older in such specific areas as weight assessment and monitoring, healthy lifestyle promotion, and patient treatment.

Nourishment with Nicole

Nicole specializes in helping women and families eat more nutritiously and get harmful toxins out of their homes. She loves educating others on the power of nutrition and healthier, natural alternatives to everyday household products.

Trinity Health Coaching

Trinity Health Coaching helps patients with high triglycerides, those at risk of diabetes, those whose cholesterol is out of whack, or those looking to trim some belly fat as articulated at It offers holistic services, helping transform the body, mind, and spirit of each client.

Best Day Ever Nutrition

Best Day Ever Nutrition offers healthy eating options to clients in El Paso, Texas. Its team looks forward to giving its best, and by visiting its location you will get to experience the comfortable environment it has set up for its clients.

Muscle Mass Nutrition

Muscle Mass Nutrition is located in El Paso, Texas, and it offers evidence-based nutritional services to clients in the area as revealed in discussions on the same at It offers several nutritional services, focusing on sports nutrition, as well as supplements and herbs.

Kinetix Personal Training & Sports Nutrition Services

Kinetix Personal Training & Sports Nutrition is a readily available personal trainer services conducted by Ricardo C. DeBello, who is a certified PT, SNS, with more than 17 years of training and experience as well as NPC National Level and NABBA Mexico Bodybuilding experience. He is here to dedicate himself to helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Best Nutrition

Best Nutrition is a nutrition practice located at 4525 Britton Avenue, El Paso, Texas, 79904. It offers affordable and effective nutrition services, including counseling sessions and many others, all tailored to each client’s needs. It also offers lots of supplements and products to its clients.

Lizette Ortiz

Lizette offers personalized fitness programs and nutrition coaching to her clients in El Paso, Texas, helping them reach their health and fitness goals as articulated at Services start with a fitness and nutrition consultation which consists of a chat to talk about your needs and goals, taking a few measurements, and coming up with a game plan specific to your needs.

Pure Nutrition

Pure Nutrition is a smoothie and juice bar that also offers nutritional services in El Paso, Texas. From nutritional coaching and counseling to healthy drinks and food, it is a fun and friendly environment where everyone is welcomed, and that strives to bring the community together to get healthier through good nutrition.

Margie Villalobos, RD, LD

Margie Villalobos practices as a dietitian-nutritionist in El Paso, Texas, as covered over at She offers various services, including individual counseling, general nutrition and wellness, home health, gerontology, and maternal nutrition, while catering to clients with childhood obesity, diabetes, and eating disorders.

Adriana Rascon-Lopez

Adriana Rascon-Lopez is a dietitian-nutritionist in El Paso, Texas, located at 6006 N. Mesa, Ste # 508. Her services include one-to-one nutrition counseling, group nutrition sessions, and online nutrition counseling.

Jean Harnisch, RD

Jean Harnish is an El Paso-based dietitian who specializes in healthy aging for the elderly as well as personalized weight management. She offers nutrition services to the elderly in El Paso, helping them continue living healthy and fulfilling lives in old age, while also helping those looking to lose and manage their weight achieve their goals through nutrition.

Ben-Joseph Eliezer

Ben-Joseph Eliezer’s facility is located at 7040 N. Mesa Street in El Paso, Texas, as described over at It is run by Ben-Joseph who is a dietitian-nutritionist in the area helping clients with services like diet, weight loss, nutrition, and fat loss.

ATP Nutrition Center

ATP Nutrition Center is a facility in El Paso, Texas, focused on nutrition. Its registered and certified nutritionists are not only highly skilled and experienced but also very compassionate and care about their clients. They will be with you every step of the way in your journey to achieve your health and wellness goals, whether it is to improve your diet and nutrition or lose weight and fat.

Active Health Source

If you are looking for top-notch services by a nutritionist in El Paso, Texas, then Active Health Source is worth checking out as per It focuses on several areas of interest, including weight management, sports nutrition, eating disorders, and so much more.

Body Plus

Body Plus is located at 5200 North Mesa Street, Suite B102, El Paso, Texas, 79912. Its nutritionists will help you with your diet and nutrition, helping you restock your pantry, while also offering you weight loss services if required, as well as one-to-one or group nutrition counseling sessions.

Ana Paola Rodriguez

Ana is a nutritionist with a strong research background and experience in the nutritional management of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Through her nutritional career, she has been able to provide help through personalized diets and nutritional education to people with allergies, gestational diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and patients in need of enteral or parenteral nutrition. She is in private practice in El Paso, Texas.

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