How to Find a Pediatric Dentist Near Me? Top 20 Pediatric Dentists in Baltimore Maryland

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How to Find a Pediatric Dentist Near Me? Top 20 Pediatric Dentists in Baltimore Maryland

As explained at, pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. They have the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood. We have curated a list of the top 20 pediatric dentists in Baltimore, Maryland, for you to consider in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

University of Maryland School of Dentistry

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry’s Pediatric Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental services for children. According to, treatment is focused on the oral health and unique dental needs of children aged 6 months to 16 years, including children with special needs. The clinic provides affordable, comprehensive dental services for children.

Greenspring Pediatric Dentistry

The doctors at Greenspring Pediatric Dentistry have specialized in dentistry for infants, children, adolescents, and those with special needs. From the time your child grows his or her first tooth until he or she graduates from high school, the professional staff at Greenspring will help care for and protect your child’s smile.

Dentistry for Children

As per, Dentistry for Children provides the quality pediatric dental care you can trust. Here, you will experience the highest quality dental care in a comfortable, safe, and fun environment designed with kids in mind.

Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics

From the first smile to straight smiles, Main Street is here for all of your child’s oral health care needs. Main Street makes dental check-ups fun. The doctors at the practice are all specialists and provide exceptional care while keeping your child happy.

Chesapeake Pediatric Dental Group

Established in 2005, Chesapeake Pediatric Dental Group was founded to help address the special needs that children have when it comes to compassionate, quality children’s dentistry. Not only does the practice try to give positive dental experiences, but it also tries to provide children with a loving and caring atmosphere, where they are all treated as individuals.

Cross Keys Dental Associates

The team of doctors at Cross Keys Dental Associates consists of highly trained pediatric dentists who perform hospital dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and routine dental care for children/adolescents and individuals with special needs as articulated at

Kids First Pediatric Dentistry

Kids First Pediatric Dentistry provides comprehensive pediatric dental care in Timonium, Maryland, for children ages 6 months to 20 years, and patients with special needs. The practice’s knowledgeable and caring team of dental professionals is excited to meet you and looks forward to the opportunity of providing your child with the care they deserve.

Canton Crossing Dental

Canton Crossing Dental in Baltimore, Maryland, encourages parents to bring in their babies as soon as they grow their first teeth, which is usually at around six months. As captured at, Canton Crossing Dental provides dental care that is mindful of your child’s age and milestones.

Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Associates

Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Associates is the dental office of Dr. Warren Brill in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Brill specializes in dentistry for children and adolescents in a child-friendly environment. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Brill and his staff focus on preventive care to help each child have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Perkins Dental Care

Perkins Dental Care is a pediatric dentist’s office in Baltimore, MD. It provides comprehensive dental care so that children can stay in excellent oral health. With ongoing, regular appointments, the team here can identify and treat infections early so that your child can avoid feeling any discomfort or having premature tooth loss.

Catonsville Dental Care

If you are in Baltimore County and are looking for a dentist’s office that specializes in pediatric dentistry, then you should consider Catonsville Dental Care. As covered at, Catonsville Dental Care is a fun, caring, and warm place to be.

Dental One Associates

Dental One Associates wants to help your little one learn about their teeth and feel confident about their smiles. The team here works hard to create a friendly, warm environment that makes your child feel safe and excited to visit the office.

Sarubin Family Dental

With Sarubin Family Dental, tooth decay and children no longer have to go hand in hand. As described at, the office is most concerned with all aspects of preventive care and uses the latest in dental sealant technology to protect your child’s teeth.

Laurel Lakes Pediatric Dentistry

Laurel Lakes Pediatric Dentistry provides specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a warm, caring, and child-friendly environment. Drs. Michelle Stovall and Antionette Wilson’s two years of additional training after dental school as pediatric dentists has prepared them for the unique dental needs of each child they serve.

Wellwood Family Dentistry

At the office of Wellwood Family Dentistry, the health and development of your child’s smile are its top priorities. The practice’s goals are to help children establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of good oral health and experience the benefits of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Innovation Dental Center

Innovation Dental Center takes pride in creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy smiles for its younger patients in an environment that is lighthearted and fun as discussed at With an emphasis on establishing oral health habits that last a lifetime, the primary tools at this practice are education and a comprehensive preventive care program.

Columbia Pediatric Dentistry

With a family-focused staff and a state-of-the-art facility, Columbia Pediatric Dentistry’s goal is to provide the highest quality of care in an environment that is comfortable and stress-free. The dentists here are focused on turning every dental visit into an enjoyable one, whether it is for a routine checkup, dental treatment, or sedation dentistry.

Dentistry for Kids

Dentistry for Kids provides specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a child-friendly environment as outlined at As pediatric dentists, the doctors here focus on preventive care to help each child grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

All Star Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Chang and Dr. Phan at All Star Pediatric Dentistry are board-certified pediatric dentists with specialized training on age-appropriate dental care for infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health care needs.

Canton Dental Associates

The team of Baltimore dentists at Canton Dental Associates is committed to ensuring your child’s oral health. The dental practice welcomes children into its office on Boston Street, making every effort to ensure they enjoy their visit and begin to learn the many benefits of a healthy smile.

These are some of the best pediatric dentists in Baltimore, Maryland, with more on this topic, and then some, to be found over at