How to Find a Pediatric Dentist Near Me? Top 20 Pediatric Dentists in New York City

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How to Find a Pediatric Dentist Near Me? Top 20 Pediatric Dentists in New York City

Choosing a dentist for your family isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly, especially since you have more options than you might realize as discussed at Some parents opt for a “family dentist” who can see all the family members of your family at once, and while this makes sense for some families, there are several situations where a pediatric dentist would be a much better choice, as they are specially trained and dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. Here is a list of the top 20 pediatric dentists in New York City in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of New York

This practice offers comprehensive dental services for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. As is explained at, the team here specializes in pain-free treatment, which means that parents can entrust their children to this practice and be sure that they will get the necessary dental care with less anxiety and fear.

Twinkle Dentist

As covered at, this is a pediatric dental practice in New York City devoted to children. Everything that the team at this practice does makes a difference in people’s lives. It was created and founded in 2009 by Dr. Emille M. Agrait, a board-certified pediatric dentist who has been practicing pediatric dentistry and pediatric orthodontics in NYC for more than 15 years.

Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

This is one of Manhattan’s first pediatric dental practices, founded in 1986, and has been leading the way ever since. The team here recognizes that many of the challenges of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics relate not to technical skills, but simply in making children feel comfortable and less anxious, which is something the caring pediatric dentists and all-female staff here excel at according to

Pediatric Dentists NYC

The team here believes that excellent pediatric dental care works even better when it is delivered with a quality relationship. The staff here takes time to get to know every patient and make them – and their families – feel welcomed, relaxed, and involved, creating personalized care plans and working with every family to build good dental habits for life.

Chelsea Pediatric Dentistry

The board-certified pediatric dentists here have created a state-of-the-art dental office dedicated to treating all children like their own. The office blends creative design with the latest technology and the safest proven modalities, to ensure that each child receives the absolute best dental care available, in a supportive and fun environment.

Upper East Side Kids Dental

For more than 15 years, this practice has proudly been part of the Upper East Side community, and in that time, it has seen thousands of children ‘graduate’ into orally healthy adults as articulated at This pediatric dental practice embraces a truly scientific approach to each child’s oral care, hence its success over the years.

East Side Pediatric Dental

Directed by board-certified pediatric dentists, this practice focuses on preventive care to help each child attain a healthy smile that will last a lifetime according to The office serves infants, children, and teens in the areas of the Upper East Side, Midtown, Turtle Bay, Sutton Place, and Roosevelt Island in NYC.

Pediatric Dental Associates of Manhattan

This practice’s mission is to be the world’s most caring and fun pediatric dental practice, with its goal being to make each child’s dental visit positive and pleasant. As revealed at, the team here sets its standards high and focuses on the needs of each child to provide a comfortable patient experience in a relaxing and modern environment.

Empire Pediatric Dentistry

With over 15 years of experience, this practice has the expertise to provide quality dentistry in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and fun. The team here doesn’t focus on the teeth alone, but also recognizes the importance of treating the child as a whole, and provides exceptional dental care to children of all ages, from infancy to early adulthood.

Happy Smile Pediatric Dentistry

With over 2 decades of combined experience, Dr. Julie, Dr. Kim, and their team try to make every visit as positive and stress-free as possible and aim to have every patient leave with a smile on their face. The practice believes that, whatever your child’s needs may be, they will be treated with the highest quality dentistry available and with the most compassionate, respectful care they deserve.

Pediatric Dentistry on Park

As per, this practice is committed to providing quality health care to children located in the New York area and treat pediatric patients of all ages (0-21 years old). The practice provides comprehensive solutions for its patients’ oral needs, and since the team believes in the importance of listening to its patients, it takes the time to truly understand each person’s needs, goals, and lifestyle first before treatment.

Kidz Smile Pediatric Dentistry

Led by Dr. Kimberli Leal, this practice’s goal is to make every dental visit pleasant and informative as captured at The team strives to treat every child as a member of the family by providing gentle and dependable attention to each child’s individual needs, working hard to ensure that each child is comfortable and at ease throughout his/her visit.

NY Kids Dentistry

At this practice, the team is honored to serve its patients as their pediatric dentists and orthodontists. Founded in the mid-1980s as a “dental home” for children, promoting comprehensive dental care for patients from an early age, the practice has truly combined the specialties of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics as outlined at

SLim Dental Kids

This practice practices a full scope of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and general dentistry. The office is Amalgam and BPA-free and has the specialized equipment, facilities, and staff to properly address today’s most demanding pediatric dentistry and orthodontic needs in a warm and caring environment.

West Side Kids Dental

Served by board-certified pediatric dentists, Drs. Robert N. Goldsmith and Jessica Lynch, the top priority of this practice is to provide quality care with a gentle hand that makes patients and their families feel at home. The team here prides itself on its ability to make necessary adjustments that create a pleasant experience for both its patients and their families.

Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry

As discussed at, at this practice, its mission is to provide the finest available dental care to children and adolescents, including those with special healthcare needs. The environment here was designed specifically for children and includes open bays, private treatment areas, games, books, and iPads and so much more to ensure the dental visit is an enjoyable one for each child.

Upper West Side Pediatric Dentistry

As per, this practice specializes in providing outstanding dental services for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. The practice’s goal is to establish superior oral health habits and a program of preventive dental care early in your child’s life.

Dentistry for Children

Located in Manhattan, it is the mission of the team at this practice to provide each child with personalized, high-quality care as outlined at The team here is dedicated to improving and maintaining your kids’ oral health, and from experienced dental professionals to the latest treatments, this practice will have you and your child covered.

Urban Pediatric Dental

Every dentist at this practice is either a board-certified or board-eligible pediatric dentist. The team here provides specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a “child-friendly” environment, focusing on preventive care to help each child achieve a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Just4Kids Dental

The mission of this practice is to provide the highest quality pediatric dental care for each child in a warm, welcoming, and kid-friendly environment. The pediatric dentists here treat each patient as if they were their own child, and their goal is to make the visit fun, relaxed, and educational.

Hopefully, you will be able to find a top-rated pediatric dentist near you in New York City through this article if you are looking for one, with more on this and much more to be found over at and

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