How to Find a Psychiatrist Near Me? Top 20 Psychiatrists in Austin

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How to Find a Psychiatrist Near Me? Top 20 Psychiatrists in Austin

As explained at,  psychiatrists evaluate people for mental disorders, offer a diagnosis, and set out a treatment or management plan for the patient’s benefit. In some cases, treatment means a total recovery from the problem, while in other cases, effective management of symptoms is the goal in psychiatric care. Here is a list of the top 20 psychiatrists in Austin, Texas, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Psychiatry Austin

According to, Psychiatry Austin offers personalized mental health care and forensic psychiatry. Dr. Weiss practices psychiatry drawing on a broad background of medical experience and skill. He has practice psychiatry for over two decades and internal medicine for three decades.

Psychiatry of Austin

Psychiatry of Austin brings together all the elements necessary for a successful mental health treatment experience. It brings care resources together with people and technology to improve care delivery, time efficiency, and ultimately reduce the cost to provide quality effective mental health care.

Cynthia Benton, MD

Dr. Benton provides psychotherapy and/or psychopharmacology services for adult patients in her private practice in Austin, Texas. As per, she is board-certified in general adult psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and provides quality, individualized care in a mutually respectful treatment relationship.

Greater Austin Psychiatry & Wellness

Many psychiatric and mental health conditions benefit from medication management. You can speak with the psychiatric healthcare providers at the Greater Austin Psychiatry & Wellness regarding an individualized treatment plan for your condition. The practice also offers wellness services including smoking cessation, sleep hygiene, nutrition and diet education, exercise, and socialization skills.

Integrative Psychiatry Austin

Integrative Psychiatry Austin is a clinic serving the community to address mental health concerns. The clinic is unique in the collaboration of various disciplines and treatment modalities, and it comprises a group of individuals whose mission is to be a student and teacher of life, healing, compassion, and acceptance.

Austin PsychCare

As articulated at, Austin PsychCare does two things well: medication management and therapy. Its program emphasizes healthy lifestyles in addition to the latest in medication management. Austin PsychCare welcomes all individuals in a patient-centered and open-minded environment.

Bluebird Psychiatry

Bluebird Psychiatry, in Austin, Texas, is a trusted mental health practice led by Dr. Samantha Symons, a board-certified psychiatrist. The practice offers a warm, accessible environment for all adult patients (ages 18 to 65), and is committed to providing affirming psychiatric services to all ethnicities, orientations, and identities.

Northwest Psychiatry

Northwest Psychiatry has been providing outpatient psychiatric services in the greater Austin area since 2004. As captured at, its patient-centered approach starts with its welcoming and friendly front desk. The practice’s team works with patients with a focus on formal and accurate diagnosis and treatment planning which are customized to individual’s areas of concerns and needs.

New Vision Psychiatry and Wellness

New Vision Psychiatry and Wellness is dedicated to continuing to care for its patients and community. The practice is now offering telehealth to all patients new and established. With this service, patients can still be seen in the comfort of their home, while still getting the necessary care that is needed.

Clearwater Psychiatry & Wellness

Clearwater Psychiatry & Wellness offers several treatment options for a variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety and panic, attention deficit disorders, addiction, and substance abuse disorders, adolescent mental health, bipolar and mood disorders, depression, eating disorders, OCD, and many others.

Balcones Psychiatry and Mental Health

As covered at, Balcones Psychiatry and Mental Health takes its name from arguably the most important geological feature of its region – the Balcones Fault Zone and Escarpment. The practice is excited to bring mental health services for adults and children, 8 years old and up, to central Austin.

Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

At Pondworks, every step in the practice’s process is designed to make you feel welcome and secure. All Pondworks team members, from the front office to your provider, serve clients with a warm, friendly attitude and straightforward communication style. The team views each client as a unique, multidimensional individual and customizes treatment to address specific wants, needs, and goals.

Maxwell Psychiatry

This is the office of Dr. Laura Katie Maxwell, who offers a collaborative approach to your health and wellness as described at Her primary goal is to create an environment where you feel safe, accepted, and understood. She is an adult psychiatrist offering treatment with both medications and psychotherapy.

Austin Family Mental Health

Austin Family Mental Health provides assessment and diagnoses to treat the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders including major depression and mood disorders, anxiety and stress-related disorders, ADHD, etc. The practice treats all substance use disorders as well, including alcohol abuse, and provides suboxone as medication-assisted therapy for opioid dependence.

Specialty Clinic of Austin

While accessing behavioral health services can be complicated, Specialty Clinic of Austin’s evidence-based wellness approach is designed to be simple and affordable. The clinic’s licensed providers can diagnose and treat entirely from the privacy and convenience of your home or whole on the go.

Central Texas Mental Health

Central Texas Mental Health is led by Dr. Michael Musgrove, a board-certified general psychiatrist as discussed at The practice’s goal is to provide the highest quality care for its adult patients through medication management and other modalities for various conditions, including depression, bipolar illness, anxiety and panic, OCD, ADHD/ADD, schizophrenia, etc.

South Austin Psychiatry

South Austin Psychiatry offers inclusive, open-minded psychiatry care to children, adolescents, and young adults. At this practice, your child will be seen by a physician with specialized training in psychiatry. You can be confident that the best treatment options will be offered throughout your care.

Austin Family Psychiatry

As outlined over at, Austin Family Psychiatry strives to work with its patients toward a meaningful, therapeutic relationship and a patient-centered treatment plan. The practice offers comprehensive care – offering child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry in Austin, Texas.

Austin Mind and Behavioral Health

In case you or your loved one is experiencing mental, emotional, or behavioral issues, Austin Mind and Behavioral Health can help. The practice would like to be your partner in improving your mental health and emotional needs.

Austin Psychiatric Alliance

Austin Psychiatric Alliance provides routine outpatient psychiatric evaluations and medication management for patients between the ages of 18 years old and 64 years old. All providers at this practice are board-certified, which means you will be in the best hands possible.

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