How to Find a Psychiatrist Near Me? Top 20 Psychiatrists in Indianapolis

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How to Find a Psychiatrist Near Me? Top 20 Psychiatrists in Indianapolis

Psychiatry is just one branch of medicine, and it focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and even prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and issues as explained at A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in this area and is well-equipped to address mental health and substance abuse disorders. This article will look to list the top 20 psychiatrists in Indianapolis, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Neighborhood Psychiatry

Neighborhood Psychiatry is a private outpatient mental health clinic where Dr. Morgan A. McCormick, Dr. Curtis Stennett, and their associates are proud to provide quality personalized psychiatric care in a setting that is small, discrete, and easy to access as articulated at

Franciscan Physician Network Psychiatric Specialists Indianapolis

Franciscan Physician Network Psychiatric Specialists offers individualized assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for patients 5 years of age and older. Some of the conditions treated by its specialists include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic at IU Health Riley Hospital for Children

If your child has a psychological or behavioral condition that needs ongoing attention, he or she may benefit from the care offered at Riley Hospital for Children. As per, the psychiatry specialists at Riley at IU Health provide diagnostic and treatment services for children of all ages.

IU Health Physicians Behavioral Health

When you or a loved one feels anxious or depressed, have an eating disorder, lives with addiction, or struggles with severe mental illness, IU Health can help. IU Health’s behavioral health experts will support you. It will help you improve your health so you can thrive.

Mark R. Ogle, MD

Dr. Ogle was lifetime board-certified in general psychiatry in 1993 and was subspecialty board-certified in geriatrics in 1995 with recertification in 2005 and 2015. He has maintained a private outpatient practice in psychiatry since 1991 and has had extensive experience in hospital work, serving in the past as medical directors for the geriatric inpatient units at St. Vincent and Community Hospitals in Indianapolis.

Axon Health Associates

Axon Health Associates, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, believes the ideal psychiatrist or psychologist searches beyond the standard checklists and takes the time to understand each individual on a real level. Its practitioners need to make every effort to help their patients fully understand their potential to live life to the fullest according to

David J. Posey, MD, LLC

Dr. Posey is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist with over 17 years of experience. He offers comprehensive psychiatric care for patients of all ages. Dr. Posey’s ultimate goal is to reduce suffering by providing comprehensive evaluation, excellent treatment, and sound guidance.

Osman Clinic & Associates

The psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioner at Osman Clinic & Associates meet with you to evaluate your symptoms, develop diagnoses, and determine if medication is appropriate as captured at The clinic provides complete, high-quality mental health care in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

North Meridian Psychiatric Associates

North Meridian Psychiatric Associates is located at 9302 N. Meridian, St. #225, Indianapolis, IN, 46260. The clinic offers comprehensive psychiatric services, from medication management to diagnostic evaluations and everything in between.

Community Health Network

Community Health Network offers the most comprehensive behavioral healthcare system in Indiana – including inpatient and outpatient services for youth (ages 5-18), adults, and seniors. Its professional and dedicated staff helps clients face their issues with grace and dignity, promoting recovery, and positive coping skills.

Payne & Associates, Inc.

Payne & Associates brings together clinical organizations, mental health professionals, and their expertise in managed mental healthcare services to better meet the needs of clients. Headed by Harvard-trained Dr. Richard Payne, Payne & Associates is a minority-owned and operated company specializing in management, diagnostic services, and consultation in the area of healthcare, mental health, and addictions as covered at

Eskenazi Health

For over 6 decades, Eskenazi Health has offered high-quality, cost-effective, and patient-focused health care to the residents of Marion County and Central Indiana. As one of America’s largest essential health care systems, Eskenazi Health provides treatment and services through more than 1 million outpatient visits each year.

Ascension St. Vincent Stress Center

Ascension St. Vincent Stress Center provides mental health services through adult and youth services programs. The center delivers personalized behavioral and mental health treatment to youth, adults, and seniors as described at

Steve Nelson, MD

As a medical doctor, Dr. Nelson can prescribe useful medications. He emphasizes individual psychotherapy in his practice to assure he gets the best results not just in the short term, but throughout a lifetime.

Benjamin May, MD

Dr. May understands that making decisions about psychiatric medications is difficult, especially when there are so many factors to consider. When prescribing, it is his goal to understand your priorities and collaborate with you to find a medication that is beneficial with minimal or no side effects.

Continuum: Mental Health and Wellness

As discussed at, Continuum: Mental Health and Wellness is a group private practice of mental health professionals who offer a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. The practice sees a diverse population and offers a wide range of services, including psychotherapy, psychological testing, hypnosis, clinical supervision, and psychiatric consultation, and medication management.

Greta L. Krause, MD

Dr. Krause is devoted to helping you achieve your goals for both a healthier mind and body. Dr. Krause’s expertise in addressing the connection between the health of the mind and body sets her apart from standard treatment approaches.

Meridian Youth Psychiatric Center, PC

Meridian Youth Psychiatric specializes in youth mental health and psychiatric counseling. The practice strives to improve the lives of children and their families and its specialists are board-certified in child and adolescent psychiatry as outlined at

Michael J. Deal, MD

Dr. Deal has been in the practice of psychiatry for almost 40 years. Although he has practiced general psychiatry the majority of those years, approximately 5 years ago, he began to treat substance abuse especially focusing on opioid addiction including pain medication, heroin, and others.

Assurance Health Indianapolis

Situated on five beautiful acres in Indianapolis, Indiana, Assurance Health Indianapolis is the area’s leading provider in inpatient geriatric psychiatric care. Its multidisciplinary treatment team works closely together with patients and families, to set individual goals and address each patient’s specific needs.

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