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It is one thing to have a mental issue and a completely different issue when it comes to looking for help. In this new age and era one may not know who is legit and who is not a legit psychiatrist. This is where experts come in, they have made it their business to make a detailed list of some of the best psychiatrist in Los Angeles.

Dr. Criselda C Abad-Santos

Being a general psychiatrist he has a reputation of making his patients feel comfortable and free to talk about their issues. He is also known for his discounted prices that are available to both new and regular patients.

Dr. Pilar C Abascal

Apart from being a doctor he is a caring and loving individual as pointed out by experts. He mainly does his practice at loss angles California, the environment is quite and has a very calming effect.

Dr. Chester B Abbott

Being a general psychiatrist and child and adolescent psychiatry he has been able to make a name for him and his practice in general. He has some few goodies that he is able to offer for example he is able to offer customizable scheduling and consultations.

Dr. Sandy Abdelkedous

Having over 10 years of experience, he is considered by many as the first choice. Having to practice general psychiatry, he has been a darling to many of his patients. She is very kind and makes it her priority to take your perspective before giving out her diagnosis on the matter.

Dr. Ezzat Abdelmalek

He is among the doctors ranked as the best in the world as pointed out by panelists. He is also qualified and board certified to work in the vast area of Los Angeles. To top it all of he offers a great telehealth services that is very responsive and fast too.

Dr. Serge Abdishoo

He is rated among the best doctors one can approach, being very responsive and caring too. He has been able to win awards that compliment his level of performance and quality of hi services. 

Dr. Deborah Fein

She mainly does private practice providing the best mental services for all her clients in the vast region of Los Angeles. According to panelists, he is considered as the best and all her clients are always delighted. 

Dr. David Brian Wexler

With over 20 years in the industry, offering general psychiatry he is among the few who have been awarded for their services. Over the years he has been able to diversify his services so as to keep everything fresh and flowing smoothly.

Dr. Ellie Mizani

A survey done by experts uncovered that she is a psychiatrist that has specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry and addiction medicine. All her patients have a testimony on how she helped them overcome their greatest hurdles, which is very good.

Dr. Michelle Ashley

Having over 15 years of practical work, she has been able to build a name for herself. In terms of professionalism she is honest, respectful and most of all reliable. She offers telehealth services that are very fast and make sure that all her patients get the best experience and also the best results in the shortest time possible.    

Dr. Kirsten Thompson

She is board certified and licensed to work in the vast area of Los Angeles. She has helped patients with a variety of mental health conditions namely insomnia, depressive disorder, ADHD among other issues. To add to the list, she also provides psycho-oncology care to cancer patients, survivors and families.

Dr. Brenda Abarca

She offers a flexible consultation program which allow his patients to feel comfortable when coming for psychiatric assistance. She is well known for dedicating all her energy to make sure that all her patients are in tip top condition mentally. To get more information contact panelists. 

Epiphany Sober Living an Addiction recovery services

They offer services ranging from rehabilitation centers, addiction medicine, counselling and mental health. The doctors here go above and beyond to make sure that all the patients here get the best services and best quality for their money.

California psychiatry

An article done by pointed out that the doctors here offer a listening ear to all their patients while also keeping in mind your perspective before making any firm of diagnosis. The best thing is that they offer different options that are able to deal with any form of issues a patient is going through.

Holtorf Medical Group 

It is an award winning facility that has been around for over 12 years now. Over the years, they have been able to diversify their services so as to keep up with the changing world. To get more information visit  

Michael Mamoun

He mainly offers services in psychiatrist, counseling and mental health. All the patients visiting here say that the services here are excellent and the staff here is very knowledgeable and kind.

Christine D Forest

She is an award winning psychiatrist, while also having the best kind of services. This has led her to be named and ranked among the best. Here reputation has been built over the years due to the number of happy clients she gets as pointed out by experts. 

Mind Matters Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center  

Offering hypnosis, counseling and mental health, they are rated as among the best psychiatric centers in the world. They offer telehealth services that are very fast and predictable. 

New U Therapy

Having psychologists and psychiatrists they are known for having the best kind of doctors who are kind, honest and most of all approachable. The doctors here make sure that they consider your perspective before making any form of decision as uncovered by

Bierman Bernard

As a psychiatrist, he has been able to build a reputation for both himself and his practice. He is well known for having good discounted prices that are very pocket friendly, to top it all of is that all the patients get value for their money