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With the rise in mental health issues many of the people need to be able to access mental health services. The best place to go is to visit a psychiatrist. They make sure that their patients have no issues that would lead to stress or even depression. have been able to generate a list of some of the best psychiatrists in New York city.

 Dr. Antoine Adam

He is the best all round psychiatrist you will ever encounter. Having over 12 years of experience in the industry, he has a proven track record of making sure that his patients get the best services and a great value for their money.

Dr. Amanda Itzkoff

MD is trained to see both medication and talk therapy to treat all psychiatrist disorders including depression, bipolar disorders among others. She offers a full spectrum of services including psychotherapy. 

Dr. Brian Buggie

He is board certified and licensed to work in the USA. According to experts, he has a private practice that is well known for offering the best services while also being a judgement free zone. He works as an attending physicians in several psychiatric hospitals.

Dr. Alan Manevitz

He is an attending psychiatrist at the New York Presbyterian and Lenox hill hospital. According to he is known for being very kind and respectful. Above all he is very patient with all his clients.

Dr. Aaron Savedoff

He is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry in the Mount Sinai Icahn school of medicine. He has been working in the industry for some time know and this has led him to win some awards as uncovered by experts.

Barry J Richman 

He is the leading psychiatrists in the cast area of New York. He has been in the industry since the year 1985, thus making him among the most experienced too. He mainly offers the choice of video visits which is very fast and very responsive and in-office consultations. His services also very pocket friendly.

Dr. Lorraine S Marshall

He is a child and adolescent psychiatrist mainly basing his practice in 411 Hackensack Avenue, Hackensack, NJ, 07601. According to experts, she is able to speak only one language with 21 years of experience.

Dr. Harry J Arron 

Having over 15 years of experience, he has been able to make it his priority of giving all his patients the best service in the industry. He mainly does this by being patient, respectful and reliable. 

Dr. Lisa I Arron

Mainly situated along 1101 main St Peekskill, NY, 10566, she speaks one language and is very respectful and kind. This is seen in the staff members who are very knowledgeable of what they are doing. They also handle the clients very nicely.

Dr. Shelley F Aarons

She is a general psychiatrist being approachable and very responsive on any issue brought to her attention. She is licensed to work on in the vast New York area as pointed out by experts.     

Dr. Ashraf Abaza MD

With 20 years of practical work, Dr. Ashraf is considered to be among the best doctors in the whole of New York. He is considered to be a professional as he is very honest, reliable and respectful.

Dr. Muhammad A Abbas

According to panelists, scheduling of appointments is very easy. The best thing about his services is that he has friendly staff, respectful and also very knowledgeable of what to do in different situations.

Dr. Maribel Abbate

She is a general psychiatrist having over 11 years of work experience. What attracts most people to her services is that scheduling of appointments has been made easy as they can be customized to fit your schedule.

Dr. Susan F Abbott

She is known to have the best discount packages for both new and regular clients. This has made her ratings on the global grid to rise pretty fast. According to experts, she considers your perspective before making any form of diagnosis.

Dr. Nancy H Abel-Wahab

She is a child and adolescent psychiatrist; she makes sure that all kids are in tip top shape mentally so as they can be bale to concentrate on things that matter. She has a telehealth service that is very responsive.

Dr. Syed Abdullah

He is among the most experienced psychiatrists with over 18 years of practical work. According to experts at, he has been able to receive awards due to his great services. This in turn has led to growth of both his global and native ratings.

Dr. Qamrun Abedin

Being the best doctor he is considered as a jack of all trades. This is so because he provides services ranging from general psychiatry, geriatric, psychiatry pain medicine just to name but a few. To top it all of he is able to offer a customizable appointment which eases the pressure on his clients. 

Dr. Graciela E Abelin 

For 20 years and counting Dr. Garciela has been at the fore front of undertaking the active roles of general psychiatry. She has been instrumental in making sure that all her clients are mentally sound. She also offers telehealth services which are considered to be very good and very responsive 

Dr. Dina Abel

She is well known for her ability to offer some of the best solutions on any matter regarding mental health. This character also implies to her employees who are very kind and knowledgeable on how to react in any situation. She also offers telehealth services to all her patients.

Dr. Herold Abellard  

He bhas ben practicing general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry for over 20 years now. According to experts he is able to speak only one language. The best thing about him is that he offers customizable appointments which makes it easier for his patients to get his services.