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Real Estate is a rapidly growing trend that has made sure that majority if not all home owners get the best value for their money. Of course there will be fraudsters and this is where comes into play. They have been able to generate a list of the best real estate agents in New York city while also considering their reputation.

Cathy Taub

She has been linked with some of the best in this industry, but the best thing about her is that she does not talk about what she has accomplished. This has made many of her clients like her a lot as she is very honest, respectful and most of all she is easily approachable.

Leonard Steinberg

He deals with some of the most luxurious homes one can ever dream of both in the vast region of New York and the whole of the USA. He is recognized for having some of the best homes in a quite relaxing places in New York as pointed out by

Ryan Serhant

He is an award winning real estate legend with great accreditations to confirm this. He is very honest and reliable, he has been able to offer some of the best advices to many of the new home buyers and it has turned out to be true.

Maria Pashby

She is considered as the best real estate consultant to go to if need be, especially if you are a new buyer. She has a lot of experience in both the large scale and small scale real estate market. A magazine done by experts uncovered that she is approachable and scheduling an appointment with her is very easy.

Lisa Lippman

She is a TV sensation all over New York city and its environs, as for many this would make them egotistic and rude but not her. She says that many of her clients want discretions which is what she does all the time.

Alexa Lambert

She has been a growing success for some time now, this is mainly attributed by her hard work too. She is very honest too and also very respectful. She has been able to close deals with some of the famous people in the world of showbiz as uncovered by

Fredrik Eklund

For over 12 years he has been working in and around the New York region making sure that all his clients get the best services ever. Due to this he has been able to rise the global rankings very fast.

Raphael De Niro

He has team that is very knowledgeable of what they ae supposed to do and this has led to his growth and expansion exponentially. He has been able to deal with superstars and this has led his rating to go even higher. This has happened not only in the USA but also in the world.

Serena Boardman

She is a very successful real estate agent, some people say that it is because she is from Manhattan but experts disagree. They uncover that they her hard work placed her in the particular position she is right now. She is very experienced and honest too.

Bianca Enrique

She is an extremely thorough and professional in making sure that her clients get the best properties. She is also certified to offer her services in New York. She has over the year’s ben recommended even by great baes who are considered to be experts.

24 Seven NYC reality

It is a 24/7 real estate agency offering services in luxury homes, they also have seller agents as well as buyer agents. It provides multiple open houses for their properties while providing galleries of the interior and exterior to allow their clients to have a good picture of what they are purchasing.

Alejandra Fermín

She is the proud owner of a high rated real estate agency that has been named as one of the best in the whole of USA. She personally focuses on residential sales and investment properties as pointed out by

Bianka Yanyok

Being both a seller agent and buyer agent she has over 12 years of experience representing clients in the New York and metropolitan area. She is an award winning rea; estate agency who has earned her way to the top by putting in a lot of hard work as pointed out by

Celeste Pandhi

She is a licensed property associates that has been in the industry for over 5 years now and this has named her among the top names in the industry. The best thing about her services is that she gives a step-by-step guide to her clients to ensure a smooth transaction.

Corey Craig

For new buyers he is the best, this is so as he focuses on helping first time homebuyers secure single and multi-family homes in neighborhoods. He matches buyers by using his great negotiation skills for a quick sale that meets or exceeds their asking prices.


This company has been exclusively offering real estate buyers with some of the best kind of services which is also pocket friendly in terms of prices. The company has been around since 2000 and it has been making sure that all their clients are happy and satisfied as uncovered by

Ellen Kapit

She has been able to deal with some of the greatest names in the show business industry ranging from actors to singers among many others. She uses her background to make sure that her clients get the best properties while suing digital marketing strategies.

Essential New York

It is a company that is easily approachable and also it is very professional in whatever the employees are doing. They use web based search systems to provide buyers with available listings in the area as pointed out by

George Herrera

He is a seller agent, buyer agent, 3D Tour Creation, Photography and videography. He has been offering services since the year 2008 and he has made a significant impact in the industry thus making him among the fastest growing real estate agents in the industry.

Judy Markowitz

She is a broker and the owner of a fast growing real estate empire. She has over 32 years of experience and focuses on luxury residential sales, investment properties and appraisals as pointed out by experts.