How to Find a Restaurant Near Me? Top 20 Restaurants in Austin

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How to Find a Restaurant Near Me? Top 20 Restaurants in Austin

The restaurant scene in Austin is diverse and rich in flavor and culture as explained at Whether you are looking for a taco truck or a finer dining spot, there is something out there for everybody. To help you find one near you in the area, we have curated for you a list of the top 20 restaurants in Austin for you to consider.

The Peached Tortilla

This Southern-Asian food truck became so popular that owner Eric Silverstein was able to open a slightly more upscale restaurant version in Allandale as articulated at That is where he dishes out an expanded menu full of comfort food items that pull from his background.

Julie’s Noodles

Julie’s Noodles is a Chinese food truck turned North Austin restaurant from Julie Hong that boasts wonderful, thick, chewy noodles. The noodle soups come in handy during colder days or just when you need a hot pick-me-up. For the perfect meal, round of the order with some of the best soup dumplings in town.

Slab BBQ & Beer

Slab BBQ & Beer is helmed by Raf Robinson, and its substantial offerings range from the Notorious P.I.G., with pulled pork and mustard slaw, to the over-the-top B.C.B.C., packed with brisket and chicken breast. According to, it is a place where the bright smoky barbecue sauces are crucial ingredients of the smoked meat sandwiches.

Bufalina Due

Bufalina Due is a pizzeria owned by Steven Dilley that serves skillfully executed Neapolitan pies that are simple yet lovely, like the classic Margherita and specials like the anchovy/nduja and weekend-only calzones, alongside well-constructed burrata and Caesar salads. If you love your wine, you will love the special and affordable bottles as well, curated by wine director Rania Zayyat.

Seoulju Korean Kitchen and Bar

If you are looking for Korean food in Austin, then look no further than this amazing North Lamar restaurant from owner John Lee and his mother, chef Sang Mi Kang. The menu here honors the staples, from crispy marinated Korean fried chicken to beef bulgogi rice plates to kimchi pancakes.

Otherside Deli

As per, some of the city’s best sandwiches can be found at the casual Old West Austin deli from co-owners Derrick Smith and Conor Mack. The pastrami is amazing, which means you can’t go wrong with the classic sandwich, which pairs the meat with mustard on rye bread.


Co-owners Take and Kayo Asazu turned their popular but now-defunct sushi trailer Sushi A-Go-Go into a full-blown restaurant, offering their take on homestyle Japanese fare in the laid-back North Loop spot. In addition to the top-of-the-line sushi and affordable rolls, there are Bentos for those looking for a little bit of everything, loaded donburi bowls, etc.

Quality Seafood Market

Located in North Loop and owned by Carol Huntsberger, Quality Seafood Market makes use of its fresh seafood supply for its counter-service restaurant as covered at The menu here boasts fresh oysters, shrimp cocktails, grilled or blackened fish, and po’boys stuffed with fried seafood.

Foreign & Domestic

This North Loop restaurant is co-owned by chefs Sarah Heard and Nathan Lemley. Its New American menu remains familiar but spruced up, with soothing dishes like leek risotto and venison tartare. Adventurous eaters should try out the offal dishes.

JewBoy Burgers

El Paso native Mo Pittle honors his Jewish and Texas border city upbringing with his food truck-turned-restaurant in the North Loop neighborhood. The unkosher dinner menu centers on burgers and burritos, filled with beef, cheese, hatch green chiles, as well as latkes.


Patrizi’s is a fun Cherrywood Italian food truck that whips up some of the freshest pasta in Austin and is led by owners Nick and Matt Patrizi as captured at There are classic pasta dishes like cacio e pepe, Pomodoro, and Great Leopold. Make sure you order a side of meatballs while you are at it.

Dai Due

Dai Due is located in Cherrywood and is exclusively focused on Texas, including the fact that the beer and wine offered here are exclusively from the state. Its Texas-forever menu includes everything from heavier dishes like giant rib-eyes, fried chicken, and wild boar confit, to lighter dishes like salads.

Via 313

If you are looking for Detroit-style pizza in Austin, then Via 313 has got your back. Brothers Brandon and Zane Hunt make some of the best pies in town as described at The hefty crusts serve as the foundation for melty cheese, then sauce, and then a variety of toppings.

L’Oca d’Oro

Under co-owner and chef Fiore Tedesco, this Mueller Italian restaurant serves up a thoughtful menu full of house-made pasta and well-prepared vegetables. Likewise, co-owner and general manager Adam Orman has been championing the rights and well-being of restaurant workers for some time, and especially during the pandemic.

Hoover’s Cooking

Hoover’s Cooking is owned and helmed by chef Hoover Alexander who has been bringing a good old mix of Southern soul fare to Cherrywood for over two decades with his homey restaurant. The menu here highlights classic dishes done extremely well, from the chicken fried steak to the fried chicken to any of the sweet pies.

Veracruz All Natural

As discussed at, Veracruz All Natural is an essential food truck helmed by sisters Reyna and Maritza Vazquez. It serves up the best tacos in Austin, served on handmade corn and flour tortillas with fresh salsas. Make sure you try out the Migas taco and an agua fresca.

Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue is led by pitmaster Aaron Franklin, whose smoky meats have risen from humble trailer origins to become one of the country’s most talked-about barbecue destinations. Enjoy amazing barbecue, from the brisket to ribs, turkey, and sausages.

Nixta Taqueria

Nixta Taqueria is the brainchild of co-owners Edgar Rico and Sara Mardanbigi. From discussions on the same at, Rico works magic into every single one of this East Austin spot’s new-school tacos and tostadas.

Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

This spot was East Austin’s restaurant of the year in 2018, and it brings all-day vibes to West Fifth Street from co-owners Matt and Grady Wright and Matthew Bolick. Chef Rich Reimbolt’s menu is full of laidback dishes with nice touches like breakfast and sandwiches layered hash brown patties or the iconic cauliflower tater tots.

Buenos Aires Café, Este

This restaurant focuses on Argentinian cuisine and is led by chef Paolo Guerrero-Smith. Meat is the centerpiece – grilled steaks, short ribs, and chicken – along with other South American specialties, such as empanadas and the beefy lomito sandwich.

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