How to Find a Restaurant Near Me? Top 20 Restaurants in Boston

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How to Find a Restaurant Near Me? Top 20 Restaurants in Boston

From Thai food to jerk chicken and steak dinner, the culinary landscape in Boston is as diverse as they come as explained at This article will help you cut through the noise when looking for a restaurant near you in the area by listing the top 20 restaurants in Boston for you to consider.


This award-winning restaurant is a dreamy little spot in Sommerville’s Union Square, serving flavorful Peruvian cuisine in a neighborhood that already has its fair share of Peruvian options as per However, of all the options, Celeste is the best one for dishes like bright ceviche, fragrant Lomo saltado, among others.


Giulia is a top-rated Italian restaurant in the Boston area, located near Cambridge’s Porter and Harvard squares. It impresses with its delicious pasta and a warm staff. If you visit this restaurant, we recommend that you try out the pappardelle with wild boar, if it is available.


Dakzen is a Thai restaurant located in Somerville’s Davis Square as articulated at The busy, well-lit restaurant has an aura of happy chaos, with a service model that falls somewhere between counter-service and full-service and a menu that doesn’t shy away from heat and funk.


Tanám is a small, worker-owned restaurant located in a hip food and retail development in Somerville. While it began with a focus on Filipin-American offerings, as of mid-2021 it is shifting to a wider interpretation of its genre of “narrative cuisine” featuring other POC chefs and their stories through seasonal residencies.

Tasting Counter

Tucked away inside Aeronaut Brewing, Tasting Counter is the ultimate special occasion destination. It offers an elaborate, multi-course adventure of high-technique plates that highlight as many Massachusetts products as possible.


Since its opening in 2016, diners can find anything at Juliet, from a takeout breakfast taco to a cup of coffee to a fancy multi-course dinner, and many other items in between. According to, Juliet is amazing as while it tries to be a lot of things, it succeeds at being all of them, although it is preparing itself to offer a more focused service.

Puritan & Company

Located on Inman Square, Puritan & Company is a homage to New England and dresses up local classics beautifully. This is the place to go for spot-on scallops or roast chicken, but it is also the place one might find a kimchi hot dog, bar burger, or wings.

Yuwe Wo Katare

Yuwe Wo Katare is a tiny Porter Square ramen destination that isn’t just a restaurant as captured at, but also the place where the founder Tsuyoshi Nishioka wants to make everyone’s dreams come true, starting by encouraging diners to literally stand up and share those dreams out and loud.

Neptune Oyster

Neptune Oyster is one of the few non-Italian restaurants in the North End. It is a busy, noisy seafood spot that consistently generates long lines at all hours, although the wait is worth it for one of the best lobster rolls in town.

Tawakal Halal Café

This Somali restaurant used to operate in a different part of East Boston, with a slightly different name and had quite a popular following before closing in 2011. After a seven-year hiatus, it made a comeback at a new address, and it is better than ever before. Its ambiance is casual and homey, while its menu highlights not just Somali cuisine, but draws influence from elsewhere around East Africa and the Middles East as well.


As is covered at, Oleana has one of the most romantic patios around, and its seasonally rotating menu delivers a different experience with the same hospitality time after time. Operating with a cordial license, it has an inventive cocktail menu, with a wide array of sherry and aperitifs.

Brewer’s Fork

Brewer’s Fork has brought a bustling, pizza-loving crowd to the quiet block since opening in early 2015 in a section of Charlestown mostly devoid of restaurants. The specialty is wood-fired pizza, although it also offers hearty brunch sandwiches, oysters, and one of the best beer lists around.

Café Sushi

As described at, Café Sushi has been serving up amazing and affordable sushi for more than three decades, a favorite of industry folks and general sushi lovers alike. When you visit this restaurant, make sure you try out chef Seizi Imura’s omakase, a selection of seemingly endless courses that bounce joyfully between traditional preparations and funkier combinations.


This hospitable Cambridge restaurant is owned by Chris and Pam Willis. The Italian influences are very strong at this restaurant, from the not-to-be-missed pasta dishes made with flour milled in the restaurant to the aperitivi. The space is charming, as is the staff, and the lumachel with a gochujang-spiked Bolognese sauce belongs in every pasta enthusiast’s regular rotation.

Regina Pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria is a North End mainstay that has been operating since 1926. It is one of the city’s best pizzeria. The secret to its success is a combination between the oven – it was built in 1888, and its cooking remains intact to date – and the dough, which is left to proof for up to six days.

Dumpling Café

Chinatown is one of Boston’s best food neighborhoods, and while there are so many restaurants from the neighborhood that are worth visiting, the Dumpling Café is probable the best as discussed at Its Taiwan-style pan-fried dumplings and sweet, gooey, slightly spicy Taiwan-style eggplant give it the edge over the others.

Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Café

This spot offers Xi’an-style Chinese cuisine, a little bit difficult to find elsewhere in Boston, and while the restaurant’s name refers to the flatbread sandwiches stuffed with beef or pork, the real star of the show on the menu here is the chewy, garlicky hand-pulled noodles.


From discussions on the same over at, Pagu brings together Spanish and Japanese cuisines. Ramen and chicken katsu sit seamlessly next to Jamon Iberico and pintxos on the menu, all reflecting chef and owner Tracy Chang’s culinary experiences around the globe.


Led by Haley Fortier, while this spot in Downtown Crossing is tiny and doesn’t have much kitchen space, it more than makes up for that with its selection of fancy tinned seafood from Spain, Portugal, and the United States; an impressive wine list; a ship-like ambiance; and its sense of humor.

O Ya

If you are a sushi lover, then you need to make sure you try out O Ya’s iconic 20-course grand omakase. Tucked away in the Leather District, this tiny spot has accumulated numerous awards, including a James Beard for the chef and co-owner Tim Cushman.

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