How to Find a Restaurant Near Me? Top 20 Restaurants in Dallas

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How to Find a Restaurant Near Me? Top 20 Restaurants in Dallas

If you are looking for a spot to eat in Dallas, then one thing you will not lack is options as explained at However, lots of options also mean that finding a place that suits you isn’t that easy. This is why this article should be a great resource as it will look to list the top 20 restaurants in the area for you to consider when looking for one near you.

TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill Preston Royal

According to, TJ’s Seafood Market has long been where landlocked Dallas turned to for its fish fix. The fish tacos offered here never disappoint and always hit the spot as does the butter-drenched lobster roll, and so much more.

Zoli’s NY Pizza

While Zoli’s was known for its New York-style pizzas, it branched out into Detroit-style pies during the pandemic with a pop-up called Thunderbird Pies. However, if you visit this establishment, make sure you try the popular Zoli’s thin-crust pies, topped with perfect pepperoni cups, Italian sausage, and so much more.

Deli News N.Y. Style Deli Restaurant

If you are a deli lover, the Deli News is a must-visit with its towering sandwiches and comforting matzo ball soup. As per, the Reuben sandwich is packed full of pastrami and served on soft rye, and the knockwurst platter is a plate of pure comfort.

Cattleack Barbeque

This Dallas barbecue joint is so popular, waiting in line is a normal occurrence. At Cattleack Barbeque, the brisket is juicy and the hours are limited – only open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. Its smoked meats and traditional sides are worth standing outside for a little while.

Al Markaz Groceries and Restaurant

Combining a quick-service restaurant and grocery store under one roof, Al Markaz is a reliable destination for classic Indian dishes. Hearty plates loaded with mutton biryani, tender kebabs, and paneer mahkni are on offer, as well as refreshing lassi and snacks like crispy samosas.


Jose is a Mexican restaurant led by Eater Dallas chef of the year Anastacia Quinones and is excellent for lunch, brunch, or dinner as articulated at The coconut ceviche, made with Texas redfish, makes for a refreshing starter before moving on to the creamy enchiladas Suizas, carnitas tacos, or a farro bowl, loaded with veggies like sweet potato and kale.

Keller’s Drive-In

This 50-year-old drive-in establishment offers paper-thin burgers on poppy-seed buns, crispy onion rings, spoon-thick milkshakes, and the friendliest car-hops in Dallas. Not only does it offer amazing food, but it’s also very affordable as nothing there is over $5.

Royal China Restaurant

For over four decades, Royal China Restaurant has won over Dallas’s notoriously fickle diners with its hand-pulled noodles, its delicate soup dumplings (xiao long bao), and its best-in-city renditions of Chinese-American classics like kung pao chicken as captured at

CAFEMANDU – Flavors of Nepal

CAFEMANDU is a Nepalese eatery in Irving that is worth the drive, thanks to its positively perfect momos, or dumplings. Order the steamed momos, stuffed with chicken or pork, or try a deep-fried vegan version. Regulars know to ask for extra cups of its spicy, garlicky dipping sauce to slather all over the momos.

Resident Taqueria

This East Dallas taqueria is known for its perfectly prepared proteins and seriously creative ingredient combinations. Make sure you try out the smoked chicken taco, stuffed with salsa macha, crushed peanuts, and tangy pickled sofrito while there.


Inspired by the coastal vibes of tourist haven in Quintana Roo, Mexico, as covered at, Tulum serves fresh Mexican dishes that range from bright ceviche with smoked leche de tigre to enchiladas baked in a wood oven and is one of the best Mexican joints in Dallas.

Heim Barbecue on Mockingbird

Having landed in Dallas in 2020 from its native Fort Worth, Heim Barbecue is one of the best establishments in the city’s smoked meat scene. From bacon burnt ends to succulent, juicy brisket, the menu here is like Narnia for any meat lover.

Mr. Max Café Nippon

Tucked into a nondescript space off of Belt Line Road in Irving, Mr. Max has quietly been one of DFW’s best Japanese restaurants for years as described at Its vibe is classic Japanese izakaya, with hearty ramen and snacks like takoyaki on offer alongside excellent sushi and rice bowls.


Sachet is a luxe eatery in Highland Park. Although it had been closed for several months, it recently reopened to lots of fanfare from diners obsessed with its Mediterranean dishes. You can start your dinner with mezze options like Gordal olives marinated in citrus and garlic, then indulge in the decadent Ibirico Secreto, a steak-like cut of acorn-fed Spanish pork that is one of the best meat dishes in the city.

Bubba’s Cooks Country – Dallas

Bubba’s has been a Highland Park fixture for decades and has been working in overdrive during the pandemic, as its drive-thru stays packed with diners looking for their fried chicken fix. You can also call the restaurant to order curbside pickup, or even just swing through the drive-thru yourself.

E-Bar Tex-Mex

While Dallas has got plenty of excellent Tex-Mex restaurants as discussed at, E-Bar is among the finest. This East Dallas stalwart’s enchiladas, queso, and carne asada are reliably and consistently very good, and the margaritas are always nice and strong.


Rapscallion is a popular Greenville Avenue joint that is equally great for dinner and weekend brunch. In the evenings, you can splurge on fried green tomatoes and Berkshire pork secreto that is cooked sous vide and grilled over pecan wood. For brunch, dishes like fluffy Belgian waffles and smoked chicken hash await.

Homewood Restaurant

With a menu made from scratch and tons of preserved ingredients from chef Matt McCallister as outlined at, Homewood is one of the city’s most compelling neighborhood restaurants. Make sure you try the summery chilled peach soup with crab and cucumber.

Khao Noodle Shop

Khao Noodle Shop is a scrappy East Dallas Laotian restaurant led by chef Donny Sirisavith. While it wasn’t immune to the ups and downs of the pandemic, it is back in business now, serving its stunning khao soi, snappy Lao sausages, and funky boat noodles.

Beverly’s Dallas

Beverley’s Dallas is a chic neighborhood bistro that offers a welcoming vibe that is perfect for brunch, date night, or a special occasion dinner. Dig into New Orleans-style steak tartare with Tabasco aioli, splurge on caviar-topped latkes, and so much more.

These are some of the best restaurants in Dallas, Texas, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at